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b643627a557e44b9ab5879cf71e162af2d514ce3 08-Dec-2016 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> fix client pid for effects applied by audio policy

Test: Hangouts call, Play Music with and w/o effects

Change-Id: Ia9b20f94be667dd92e0497f8ef9c0dc0e95afe28
538ec5e04f389cba637b030757be317fcb8677a8 02-Nov-2016 Marco Nelissen <marcone@google.com> Split libmedia into libmedia and libaudioclient

This makes it so audioserver doesn't need to link against the entire libmedia,
which has dependencies on camera, ICU, OpenGL and other things that aren't
needed for audio.

Test: build/boot

Change-Id: I99ba1a3dc3b33ca9b3abd98e7519dbf228ee62af