History log of /frameworks/av/media/ndk/NdkImagePriv.h
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e31bc87213619054f18fcc8462641767e82a7eaf 22-Apr-2017 Jiwen 'Steve' Cai <jwcai@google.com> Minor updates AHardware accessor in AImageReader

1/ Be more explicit about what usage/format combination is supported.
2/ Get rid of usage1 following the same change in AHardwareBuffer.
3/ No more gralloc1 usage, so don't call android_convertGralloc1To0Usage

Bug: 35114769
Bug: 37097572
Test: Ran AImageReaderCts
Change-Id: Ic712d0ac5bd86b2c4c68815125ba9037212dfd65
e168996c51cbbc78790c2b3282c9455a5c7b667c 21-Feb-2017 Jiwen 'Steve' Cai <jwcai@google.com> Implementing new NdkImageReader APIs

Bug: 35114769
Test: Build (should have no functional change from headers change), and
run CTS test CtsNativeImageReaderTestCases on a Pixel.
Change-Id: Icb40196363d9f10a5d853c17f0bc378b6c27b3f6
2f1a4737c997d9589447a51974e3aaecafee2937 05-Feb-2017 Jiwen 'Steve' Cai <jwcai@google.com> Refactor AImage/AImageReader

1/ Use BufferItemConsumer instead of CpuConsumer for AImageReader.
2/ Delay lock image in AImage until the first time getPlaneXXX functions
get called.
3/ Add libmedia_jni as dependency so that we can reuse existing code
from android_media_Utils.h

Bug: 35114769
Test: Ran the following CTS test case from CtsCameraTestCases:
NativeCameraDeviceTest, NativeCameraManagerTest,
NativeImageReaderTest, NativeStillCaptureTest

Change-Id: Ia8dc451ea873e8290592deacc7f8d40360382f86
c360382bf257d815b2a411152485d3c3b37a9f46 19-Jan-2016 Yin-Chia Yeh <yinchiayeh@google.com> NDK: AImageReader implementation

Bug: 23012001
Change-Id: I14341de141e6fc5817f397e849af35ccdb80d644