History log of /frameworks/av/services/mediadrm/main_mediadrmserver.cpp
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9dbe9a57bf0ae2494ec312d6c1b06feec20e9ec9 03-Jan-2017 Chong Zhang <chz@google.com> MediaCas: add MediaCasService

This CL adds API only without implementation.

bug: 22804304
Change-Id: Ibb5a29cc616ec0af81957b2bfe1419c482591753
c903684e9a8af5450bab61b0883fc81c5a466844 19-Feb-2016 Aurimas Liutikas <aurimas@google.com> Fix the last warnings in frameworks/av/ drm code.

- index is always positive so no need to check > 0
- args parameters are unused.

Bug: 27151704
Change-Id: Ia4c23e1fc4eaef47f38526574b35ccfea9c92177
a69729dc76b97c44387088d351480d5d0701517e 12-Feb-2016 Jeff Tinker <jtinker@google.com> Add mediadrm service

Part of media security hardening

This is an intermediate step toward moving
mediadrm to a new service separate from mediaserver.
This first step allows mediadrmservice to run based
on the system property media.mediadrmservice.enable
so it can be selectively enabled on devices that
support using native_handles for secure buffers.

bug: 22990512
Change-Id: I70320f0c4b7861cdba26fbc24c20bce54e5749a4