History log of /frameworks/base/libs/hwui/pipeline/skia/SkiaLayer.h
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79756be175dea78ee9d51bb22abba7621bd9b5cc 09-Nov-2016 Matt Sarett <msarett@google.com> Add layer updates debugging feature to Skia pipelines

When this property is turned on, we flash green
every time a hardware layer is updated.

Test: Matches the behavior in OpenGLPipeline


Change-Id: I916f94eee644c185d8a3f9fa4cd69e087ed1e92d
500a0c30d4dcd012218c3e44a62926a1c34a259f 26-Oct-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Implement Skia pipelines for OpenGL and Vulkan.

Implement Skia pipelines for OpenGL and Vulkan:
base SkiaPipeline, SkiaOpenGLPipeline and SkiaVulkanPipeline.
Write unit tests for SkiaPipeline.

Test: Built and run manually on angler-eng.
Change-Id: Ie02583426cb3547541ad9bf91700602a6163ff58