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576b6a8a7994f649c0dbacfc34611d1580e16bd6 17-May-2017 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Revert "Fix recent apps in system UI for Skia pipeline"

This reverts commit 625dd56a45bfe95c5f1baa1891529503ff3374a9.

Reason for revert: Caused a memory leak, b/38330767
Bug: 38136140
Bug: 38330767
Test: manual, verified memory isn't leaking doing the steps in b/38330767

Change-Id: I998bea04788d58ba6bad71c1691d5a3b33190c1b
Merged-In: I98b2dfd750be57a15785808e2d5723616e2ce20a
625dd56a45bfe95c5f1baa1891529503ff3374a9 06-May-2017 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Fix recent apps in system UI for Skia pipeline

Enable HW Bitmaps for Skia pipeline just enough to make
recent apps list working by adding support for BitmapShader.
Drawing HW bitmaps in a canvas is also supported.

Test: recent apps work, HWUI unit tests pass, CTS tests pass.
bug: 38136140
Change-Id: Ibd06c859c86dc213310d5ce5272497e1882d0cc6
Merged-In: Ibd06c859c86dc213310d5ce5272497e1882d0cc6
500a0c30d4dcd012218c3e44a62926a1c34a259f 26-Oct-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Implement Skia pipelines for OpenGL and Vulkan.

Implement Skia pipelines for OpenGL and Vulkan:
base SkiaPipeline, SkiaOpenGLPipeline and SkiaVulkanPipeline.
Write unit tests for SkiaPipeline.

Test: Built and run manually on angler-eng.
Change-Id: Ie02583426cb3547541ad9bf91700602a6163ff58