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576b6a8a7994f649c0dbacfc34611d1580e16bd6 17-May-2017 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Revert "Fix recent apps in system UI for Skia pipeline"

This reverts commit 625dd56a45bfe95c5f1baa1891529503ff3374a9.

Reason for revert: Caused a memory leak, b/38330767
Bug: 38136140
Bug: 38330767
Test: manual, verified memory isn't leaking doing the steps in b/38330767

Change-Id: I998bea04788d58ba6bad71c1691d5a3b33190c1b
Merged-In: I98b2dfd750be57a15785808e2d5723616e2ce20a
625dd56a45bfe95c5f1baa1891529503ff3374a9 06-May-2017 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Fix recent apps in system UI for Skia pipeline

Enable HW Bitmaps for Skia pipeline just enough to make
recent apps list working by adding support for BitmapShader.
Drawing HW bitmaps in a canvas is also supported.

Test: recent apps work, HWUI unit tests pass, CTS tests pass.
bug: 38136140
Change-Id: Ibd06c859c86dc213310d5ce5272497e1882d0cc6
Merged-In: Ibd06c859c86dc213310d5ce5272497e1882d0cc6
3aeda5c5c47ae29197e8b8b665749cb6cb449e19 17-Mar-2017 Ben Wagner <bungeman@google.com> Use access directly instead of sk_exists.

Skia would like to move SkOSFile and make it private spi. This appears
to be the only place SkOSFile is used outside Skia, and using access
here directly is more apropriate.

Test: Simple inline refactor, built and ran. Changes test code only.
Change-Id: Ib76c180bb3bccc54c20dcadc842837e3e8270929
fc29f7acd1352efa97269b5f3856eb879d5cfd53 02-Mar-2017 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Fix potential use-after-free in LayerUpdateQueue

Change-Id: I090af2191576175b165a9db574a80123c16f0778
Fixes: 26548204
Test: Builds & hwui unit tests pass
b66b8bb4a089593ee7c20ad7f59980c16dde9cc9 16-Dec-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Ensure root render node clip cannot expand beyond dirty area

Use new Skia API to enfore clip restriction for root render node.
This brings Skia pipeline in line with HWUI. Unit test is
updated to reflect the new behaviour.

Test: Built and ran angler-eng, ran HWUI unit tests.

Change-Id: Iffce70fd37b6aff45eb6a23c8b1a64f45b5f1463
66b9d4486abb9e6d1edc624cd9ff522b12acece0 16-Dec-2016 Chris Craik <ccraik@google.com> Revert "try to stop using exotic clipps"

This reverts commit 834653bcf80a3879c4d80004469053f205d45b69.

Change-Id: Ie8cb787490832a0be154ec1263313982157faa81
834653bcf80a3879c4d80004469053f205d45b69 14-Dec-2016 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> try to stop using exotic clipps

Change-Id: Id11d7744daa69c19fdc9b7723862b3d71ad21384
6c67f1d04591f44bccb476d715a005ad5bbdf840 14-Dec-2016 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> SkClipOp is now an enum class

Change-Id: If423dd013a264162ae0b7674a0eeef34bc2cdaae
ee708facf127f2e8bed5970d5c05fa823fcfc1ce 12-Dec-2016 Leon Scroggins III <scroggo@google.com> Remove unnecessary dependency, and fix the chain

Test: No new tests. This should not affect behavior; only dependencies.

Font.h does not need to include SkGlyphCache.h, and doing so requires
a transitive dependency on external/skia/src/utils, which was not
intended. Forward declare it instead, and fix the build errors that

Change-Id: Ifd09430bb848d51b139df0f0c06c63e7e48711eb
52771272f4f018f4fc6846224bf047497e784af1 17-Nov-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Add more Skia pipeline unit tests.

Add more Skia pipeline unit tests and fix an issue
in backdrop/content bounds clip logic.

Test: built and run angler-eng and HWUI unit tests.
Change-Id: Ie41f80ff7ce9802a4d76e8b14f1695dbc9771a2b
9a648a1c74f39b8aca525ae3787d379cb4c76971 07-Dec-2016 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> Merge "switch over clip calls to use SkClipOp instead of SkRegion::Op"
6e49c9f007c879f05b035c40c0ba543c00f9d0d0 02-Dec-2016 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> switch over clip calls to use SkClipOp instead of SkRegion::Op

Change-Id: I67d23c487b5249bc31d96e3b2393f693c0b2bcff
10219fb261606fcc71c607167b28295b4578a10d 24-Nov-2016 Hal Canary <halcanary@google.com> SkImageEncoder->SkEncodeImage

Test: none
Change-Id: I15630d2852d12840329181f135852e28d287bbcf
(cherry picked from commit 8c6bac4c77caeefb667bec90d16b5384fd2b2b31)
f58cc92066903b900396f640159ea3ea992fc67d 15-Nov-2016 Matt Sarett <msarett@google.com> Add overdraw debugging feature to Skia pipelines

Test: Compared to OpenGL pipeline and sanity checked
with understanding of the drawing pipeline. Also
wrote a unit test.


Change-Id: Iab397d21f0def725fa89551d48c764c67fd2bda8
e92d4045ebea6bb0491f8f9de0fcf051598d9563 17-Nov-2016 Derek Sollenberger <djsollen@google.com> Merge "Update pinImages to report when GPU resource limits are exceeded."
189e87498f666e94dc8c8201e7bac56bb09b9251 16-Nov-2016 Derek Sollenberger <djsollen@google.com> Update pinImages to report when GPU resource limits are exceeded.

Bug: 32691999
Test: proposed CTS test (ag/1500396) and existing UiRendering tests
Change-Id: I190f888ae5499ac048569af8256fdd31d19d1285
79756be175dea78ee9d51bb22abba7621bd9b5cc 09-Nov-2016 Matt Sarett <msarett@google.com> Add layer updates debugging feature to Skia pipelines

When this property is turned on, we flash green
every time a hardware layer is updated.

Test: Matches the behavior in OpenGLPipeline


Change-Id: I916f94eee644c185d8a3f9fa4cd69e087ed1e92d
e3d281ea18f7ccd477e4db5e74cf4fc1506e9f98 08-Nov-2016 TreeHugger Robot <treehugger-gerrit@google.com> Merge "Add debug memory tracking to SkiaGLPipeline"
4bda6bfaa6b8cb775f18f2453720d05f4cb29152 07-Nov-2016 Matt Sarett <msarett@google.com> Add debug memory tracking to SkiaGLPipeline

Test: Sample output is below

D/OpenGLRenderer: Resource Cache Usage:
D/OpenGLRenderer: 32 items out of 8192 maximum items
D/OpenGLRenderer: 4635572 bytes (4.42 MB) out of 96.00 MB maximum

This is less verbose than OpenGL memory debug output for
two reasons:
(1) SkiaGL has less caches.
(2) SkiaGL does not support printing on cache additions/evictions.
This seems like more of an internal debugging tool rather than
a user-facing debug feature. I think it's best to leave this
unimplemented until we find that it might be useful.


Change-Id: Ib063f1c2a7f88e9840341b1001d227f556d88f26
b7d34b64dd32e3d84bd43344c9c3d9ad098129af 04-Nov-2016 Derek Sollenberger <djsollen@google.com> Refactor pin/unpinImages to work across pipelines.

Test: existing CTS tests still pass
Change-Id: Ib2607e9853396bad42f298829b5c5da0d210af32
500a0c30d4dcd012218c3e44a62926a1c34a259f 26-Oct-2016 Stan Iliev <stani@google.com> Implement Skia pipelines for OpenGL and Vulkan.

Implement Skia pipelines for OpenGL and Vulkan:
base SkiaPipeline, SkiaOpenGLPipeline and SkiaVulkanPipeline.
Write unit tests for SkiaPipeline.

Test: Built and run manually on angler-eng.
Change-Id: Ie02583426cb3547541ad9bf91700602a6163ff58