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df1742ed47da1e9b61afeae16fa448d5302a8aa0 20-Jan-2017 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Overhaul GraphicsStatsService

* LRU cache of recently-used is dead, replaced
disk storage
* ASHMEM size is read from native by the system service,
no longer requires keeping a sizeof() in sync with a
constant in Java
* Supports dumping in proto format by passing --proto
* Rotates logs on a daily basis
* Keeps a history of the most recent 3 days

Bug: 33705836
Test: Manual. Verified log rotating works by setting it up to
rotate every minute instead of day. Confirmed /data/system/graphicsstats
only has the most recent 3 entries after several minutes

Change-Id: Ib84bafb26c58701cc86f123236de4fff01aaa4aa