History log of /frameworks/base/media/jni/android_media_MediaDescrambler.cpp
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addc39ec27f3eb9b61ad8565804201a866d16abd 31-Mar-2017 Chong Zhang <chz@google.com> MediaCas: address comments for API reviews

- Wrap session id byte array in Session object

- Move session operations from MediaCas to Session

- Remove position prarameters on descramble() method

- Retrieve cas info for a track by getCasInfo() instead
of getDrmInitData().

bug: 22804304
bug: 36791613
bug: 36783335

Change-Id: Ib3ad8d6a2f679c0e60d2bb025ac5999339722306
dadee0c33e6cb659978ce4fa6aa21f7c384fc43c 14-Mar-2017 Chong Zhang <chz@google.com> MediaCas: rethrow MediaCas specific exception

Translate ServiceSpecificException from aidl to CAS-specific
exceptions. Also, throw CAS specific exception for descramble().

bug: 22804304

Change-Id: I6d68c335c87fbb95fd8cc227e432eed4e5951550
d5927ae8833780395f8fc5070d0a0a4f8f668292 03-Jan-2017 Chong Zhang <chz@google.com> MediaCas: add framework APIs

Java API changes to support MediaCas framework.

Also add partial-frame related enums to MediaCodec,
MediaCodecInfo, and MediaExtractor as a way to indicate
a input frame contains partial data.

Test: basic test app and test plugin to execise the code path;
impelenting playback of CAS-secured MPEG2TS streams, including
a Widevine-based CAS plugin, locally modified ExoPlayer and
Android TV Tuner input.

bug: 22804304
Change-Id: Ia4ba1d4046f7588e42bfb21e726390457d2fc8e3