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bd42349f7e97f172d5496ecaf2273994ced43b0d 29-Aug-2016 Chih-Hung Hsieh <chh@google.com> Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in media utils.

* Add explicit keyword to conversion constructors.
Bug: 28341362
Test: build with WITH_TIDY=1

Change-Id: I13958693f28fae9016124a43cd211e5302ed8d51
6e08d2b082acfc773907733f2ddab4e9b60616e1 25-Feb-2016 Jaesung Chung <jaesung@google.com> ExifInterface: add RAW input stream support

And also the following things are included:

- Remove mInputStream.
- Update javadoc accordingly.

Bug: 11224701
Change-Id: I30b4c29ac800ae396fca8f6b2c2c0f68028a44b3
0ab416269a866c8afa8f65d9351afa2407abee4c 26-Feb-2016 Zhijun He <zhijunhe@google.com> ImageReader/Writer: refactor and cleanup

Below changes are included:
* Defer the buffer lock to Image#getPlanes call. This will save quite a bit
CPU cycles associated with lock buffer if the application doesn't really
want to access the data.
* Refactor the code: move some common code to some utility class, and use
one unified consumer (BufferItemConsumer) in ImageReader native implementation.
The code refactoring will also make it easier to support non-opaque image

Bug: 22356918
Bug: 19962027
Change-Id: I4fb865b0ea3deb6650afc64c32a5906f30e8ccbd
15ef59e081846b43660635391d536361c3253a22 25-Feb-2016 Jaesung Chung <jaesung@google.com> Revert "Revert "ExifInterface: switch from using jhead to java implementation""

This reverts commit 3c233ee291cfe1b765184920b6b7a69cb1bb82d9.

Bug: 27349581
Change-Id: Ib9f687e79ec36692fa7505ba3852099eb3e44573
3c233ee291cfe1b765184920b6b7a69cb1bb82d9 25-Feb-2016 Sungsoo Lim <sungsoo@google.com> Revert "ExifInterface: switch from using jhead to java implementation"

This reverts commit bf24c9fcb3e66b25c90c0cd51f8bf4f401f6c3d6.

Change-Id: Id278e831a9c03f615208fd6eab51c65f7bb019eb
bf24c9fcb3e66b25c90c0cd51f8bf4f401f6c3d6 17-Feb-2016 Jaesung Chung <jaesung@google.com> ExifInterface: switch from using jhead to java implementation

Bug: 26044456, Bug: 11224701
Change-Id: I881ef0ead24bcec76c0fa5a7dd0b74cc71c77285
8409c0691fb128fef6244305977342776bddf919 19-Jan-2016 Jaesung Chung <jaesung@google.com> Enable reading a thumbnail from RAW image files in MtpDatabase

Also introduce new supported RAW image file formats, PEF and SRW.

RAW image file formats are not defined in PTP 1.2 specification except
for DNG. They are mostly built on top of TIFF or TIFF/EP. (Fuji's RAF
is the exception).

In this CL, image file formats are classified newly as below:

DNG: dng
TIFF: cr2, nrw, arw, rw2, orf, pef, srw
TIFF/EP: nef
Unknown Image Formats(FORMAT_DEFINED): wbmap, webp, raf

I referred to the following documents for defining MTP formats of RAW

* http://www.rags-int-inc.com/PhotoTechStuff/RawStandards/RawSummary.html
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_image_format

Bug: 26552863, Bug: 26626825
Change-Id: Ia218f6320c4c1ff051a23ca0060ceac46134b0d7
88572f7a3e9d7ef85c26865a0150f3c2041561c2 21-Feb-2012 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Implementation of a java media codec interface and associated tools.

Change-Id: I13e54062d4de584355c5d82bb027a68aeaf2923b
79f407cc6c5ae34fc6f04d52fd034b49d1f002c4 05-May-2011 James Dong <jdong@google.com> Refactor to share code between MediaPlayer and MediaMetadataRetriever JNI

Change-Id: Ib847213f566dee79126d7c14d00750a9a8dedeb9