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d28e8283d39e7eb6c714511a0430d4cc836298cb 31-Mar-2017 Jiwen 'Steve' Cai <jwcai@google.com> ANativeWindow_toSurface implementation

This enables the conversion from an ANativeWindow (created by NDK API
such as: AImageReader_create) to a Java Surface, so that developers can
hookup a Java Producer to a native buffer consumer.

This CL also introduces android_view_Surface_createFromSurface helper
function in libandroid_runtime to convert a C++ sp<Surface> to a Java
Surface object.

Bug: 36862948
Test: android.media.cts.NativeImageReaderTest
Change-Id: Ia99adb654da505ac117a8e58153ac800df23a650
e68b4f73a92b4683a668608e1a64548eb7dbd27a 09-Feb-2017 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> separate the JNI part of the NDK into their own source

Test: built and booted device
Bug: 35164655
Change-Id: I944c9f28730b82e8c428b5384dc57e1b296144b2