History log of /frameworks/base/packages/PrintSpooler/src/com/android/printspooler/renderer/IPdfRenderer.aidl
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62ce332c141cf7bc7200c4c87d63e395874fc3ec 05-Sep-2014 Svetoslav <svetoslavganov@google.com> Trim unnecessary pages when printing.

A user may request a subset of the document's pages to be printed.
In this case the expectation is that the resulting document does
not include not selected pages. While print serivices can do the
trimming themselves or the printer may do so, moving, potantually
many, redundant pages is inefficient. The real problem is when
saving to a PDF file where the saved file must not have the pages
the user did not select. This change adds shredding of undesired
pages from the PDF before saving it or passing it to a print service.

Change-Id: I7deba535af99457bea3c118202314f0f3812e809
d0c362de1c23b6113fc35236c2908d71cfad7877 05-Sep-2014 Svetoslav <svetoslavganov@google.com> Fix broken aidl

Change-Id: I2187abd75b4f60e790b747a492ad610592f2ef53
53dcd394aa389e1e80aa1113be38255716bf2e4c 05-Sep-2014 Svetoslav <svetoslavganov@google.com> Update FrameStats API per api-council request.


Change-Id: I50518834569f4d0ec394709294537256f03530e0
13f542cabd635c55ade5442764cc4a3d2f7880ea 30-Aug-2014 Svet Ganov <svetoslavganov@google.com> Move print rendering in an isolated process.

Security review of the PDF rendering code revealed that it is
not sercure. Therefore, this code must be run in a sandbox.
This change moves the rendering code in an isolated process.


Change-Id: I711ce42a56892db1837950137bfaa79e1d61a7c4