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a6a0070ca7d2dd2882151ecf20569e715d21c722 01-Dec-2016 Tyler Gunn <tgunn@google.com> Change prototype for "setCamera" in IMS VideoProvider.

Changing "setCamera" prototype to include the uid.

Test: Unit test, manual test.
Bug: 32747443
Change-Id: I7e6eb617d724972b0fcbd2f9a27f5c3ee91efd2d
32f24731604fd81289a39619bbc925b65184b505 13-May-2015 Yorke Lee <yorkelee@google.com> More video related API fixes

* onSetPauseImage takes Uri instead of String
* changeCallDataUsage -> setCallDataUsage
* add quality constants to changeVideoQuality() docs

* setPauseImage takes Uri instea dof String

* Move constants to VideoProfile, prefix with STATE_

Bug: 21040387
Bug: 21066505
Change-Id: I764e72aced9d1e2d30d6d0cf0862100860d47c79
4538216a31d15b01e18c7b504e51031da0ce6e40 06-May-2015 Tyler Gunn <tgunn@google.com> Change sendSessionModifyRequest VideoProvider API signature.

Including a fromProfile in addition to the requestedProfile.

- Changed VideoCallImpl to generate the fromVideoProfile based on the
call's current videoState. This ensures the InCall UI only needs to
pass in the new video profile; the VideoCall Impl already has enough
knowledge to generate the fromProfile.
- Changed VideoCallImpl to track the current videoQuality, which forms
a part of the fromVideoProfile.

Bug: 20704229
Change-Id: I89f293f03a2b13fc8c1dcfd8a07ab8640d3950e0
ef9f6f957d897ea0ed82114185b8fa3fefd4917b 13-Sep-2014 Tyler Gunn <tgunn@google.com> Renaming Telecomm to Telecom.

- Changing package from android.telecomm to android.telecom
- Changing package from com.android.telecomm to
- Renaming TelecommManager to TelecomManager.

Bug: 17364651
Change-Id: I192cb5d189f55db012ea72ee82ccc5aedbc21638
b19a0bcdd8a5020c61a0d697f600fdc943c86f59 08-Aug-2014 Ihab Awad <ihab@google.com> Final structural tweaks to Telecomm API (1/8)

Bug: 16416927
Bug: 16494880
Change-Id: I45fbe287c410cbb5e1b985f320b862d732811f43
752217bfc662402cdf13368e4b2a0338e8e0aed8 08-Aug-2014 Andrew Lee <anwlee@google.com> Aidl changes related to VideoCallProvider in Ims.

+ Added a getVideoCallProvider function in IImsCallSession
+ Added IImsVideoCallProvider aidl. This is used for communication
between Telephony and the ImsService. It is redundant with
IVideoCallProvider on some level, but see associated bug and comments
in the class for more detail.
+ Added IImsVideoCallCallback. This is used for communicationing
callback invocations from ImsService to Telephony. It is redundant
with IVideoCallCallback for same reason in bugs/comments.
+ Some minor formatting changes.

Bug: 16886403
Change-Id: I03de12d4432f837e0930bc077307509b645493e0