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06460ef0d7072114ea3280e1650f77f55e7223f4 15-Mar-2017 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Fix up file IO

This also enables an AAPT behavior that CTS tests have
come to depend on.

Small files that compress negatively (get larger) are stored
uncompressed. Some CTS tests assume this and try to open these
files by mmapping them, which is only possible if they are

Bug: 35461578
Test: make aapt2_tests
Change-Id: Id622a6150fe72477ad65d67d1bad897a8ee2ffb9
d5083f6f6b9bc76bbe64052bcec639eee752a321 17-Jan-2017 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Move StringPiece to libandroidfw

libandroidfw needs to make use of StringPiece, so
move it to libandroidfw and update all code referencing
StringPiece in aapt2.

Test: make libandroidfw_tests libaapt2_tests
Change-Id: I68d7f0fc7c651b048d9d1f5e7971f10ef5349fa1
ce5e56e243d262a9b65459c3bd0bb9eaadd40628 22-Oct-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Rename to match new style

Use Google3 naming style to match new
projects' and open source google projects' style.

Preferred to do this in a massive CL so as to avoid
style inconsistencies that plague legacy code bases.
This is a relatively NEW code base, may as well keep
it up to date.

Test: name/style refactor - existing tests pass
Change-Id: Ie80ecb78d46ec53efdfca2336bb57d96cbb7fb87
cacb28f2d60858106e2819cc7d95a65e8bda890b 19-Oct-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Use Google3 style guide with .clang-format

Test: style change only, builds ok
Change-Id: I885180e24cb2e7b58cfb4967c3bcb40058ce4078
5eeaaddffd23d8d85aeb321e3ceea626e42cf9de 25-Aug-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Add Inline Complex XML support

See: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/resources/complex-xml-resources.html

Change-Id: I8274c85e25cabf90423141c228697e873167d136
59e04c6f92da584b322c87072f18e6cab4de4c60 05-Feb-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Switch to protobuf for intermediate format

Without needing to conform to the runtime data format,
it is much easier to add new features such as debugging symbols
and carrying over product data to link time.

This also simplifies the runtime format parser and serializer,
which will change much less frequently than the protobuf intermediate

Change-Id: I209787bbf087db0a58a534cb8511c51d21133e00
a40e972fdaa68fc486ff90a319195515819068b2 25-Nov-2015 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Support compiling a res/ directory and output to zip

This allows us to compile an entire directory and output to a single
file. This is important to support generated resources in the make
build, since we may not know what resources get generated.

The link step will accept the zip and read the contents of it as if they
were passed in on the command line.

Change-Id: If1a51b0abe772350c24074353eb4989953c2e0cb
1ab598f46c3ff520a67f9d80194847741f3467ab 14-Aug-2015 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Separate out the various steps

An early refactor. Some ideas became clearer as
development continued. Now the various phases are much
clearer and more easily reusable.

Also added a ton of tests!

Change-Id: Ic8f0a70c8222370352e63533b329c40457c0903e