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b39ad7c9f66877f92ea8583aa8b7b5a8daa6031e 13-Mar-2017 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Add -A (assets) support

Looks like the build system doesn't support assets/ for
resources, so we will re-introduce them in aapt2, even though
we're just copying them around and they would be better
suited for inclusion in the APK when classes.dex gets inserted.

Bug: 35461578
Test: CTS test android.content.res.cts.AssetManager#testAssetOperations should pass
Change-Id: I18361d7367d476806bcf7154ee76df3f0e83b565
d5083f6f6b9bc76bbe64052bcec639eee752a321 17-Jan-2017 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Move StringPiece to libandroidfw

libandroidfw needs to make use of StringPiece, so
move it to libandroidfw and update all code referencing
StringPiece in aapt2.

Test: make libandroidfw_tests libaapt2_tests
Change-Id: I68d7f0fc7c651b048d9d1f5e7971f10ef5349fa1
ce5e56e243d262a9b65459c3bd0bb9eaadd40628 22-Oct-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Rename to match new style

Use Google3 naming style to match new
projects' and open source google projects' style.

Preferred to do this in a massive CL so as to avoid
style inconsistencies that plague legacy code bases.
This is a relatively NEW code base, may as well keep
it up to date.

Test: name/style refactor - existing tests pass
Change-Id: Ie80ecb78d46ec53efdfca2336bb57d96cbb7fb87
cacb28f2d60858106e2819cc7d95a65e8bda890b 19-Oct-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Use Google3 style guide with .clang-format

Test: style change only, builds ok
Change-Id: I885180e24cb2e7b58cfb4967c3bcb40058ce4078
470f8fcb5c0c59b28b5f73ee011a797b05085da7 15-Aug-2016 Chih-Hung Hsieh <chh@google.com> Fix clang-tidy warnings in aapt and aapt2.

* Add explicit keyword to conversion constructors.
* Add NOLINT(implicit) comments for implicit conversion constructors.
Bug: 28341362
* Use const reference type for read-only parameters.
Bug: 30407689
* Add NOLINT to suppress wrong clang-tidy warnings on macros.
Test: build with WITH_TIDY=1

Change-Id: Ibfafb23d9be463b4072745a51a6d9f1812dcac45
c51562cf5acda7849a34c4ae2a88077c068859c0 28-Apr-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Accept a file with arguments when argument list is too long

Change-Id: Ife73d4e4611016c9ee7b56264bc6a765c54beba3
96917c25f09bb2f33e22f20cdfa4ece8f310b084 09-Mar-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Fix file::mkdirs when given absolute paths

file::mkdirs would try to extract the first part of the
path '/path' which would be the empty string ''. Mkdir would
fail creating the empty string directory.

Change-Id: Ice8ba92135f145f52f3663499a2c49eebe797328
1ab598f46c3ff520a67f9d80194847741f3467ab 14-Aug-2015 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Separate out the various steps

An early refactor. Some ideas became clearer as
development continued. Now the various phases are much
clearer and more easily reusable.

Also added a ton of tests!

Change-Id: Ic8f0a70c8222370352e63533b329c40457c0903e