History log of /frameworks/base/tools/aapt2/xml/XmlDom_test.cpp
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48448e8a310e72eb2846ad0f86672ce4f0b47e47 27-Apr-2017 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Fix string escaping

We were processing escaped strings too early, before
parsing of values into types. Now the escaped strings get
processed when they are being flattened.

Bug: 37715376
Test: make aapt2_tests
Change-Id: Ic59aa2e3a20c40756c219752ff74b2a4f8a602ba
ac6edc501b61e14e3b70ccbbd4d8ed112d92b96c 03-Mar-2017 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Fix escaping sequence processing in XML parsing

Bug: 35483813
Test: make aapt2_tests
Change-Id: I68baba17ab3639c220b734a2a68d86aad0dedf8c
ce5e56e243d262a9b65459c3bd0bb9eaadd40628 22-Oct-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Rename to match new style

Use Google3 naming style to match new
projects' and open source google projects' style.

Preferred to do this in a massive CL so as to avoid
style inconsistencies that plague legacy code bases.
This is a relatively NEW code base, may as well keep
it up to date.

Test: name/style refactor - existing tests pass
Change-Id: Ie80ecb78d46ec53efdfca2336bb57d96cbb7fb87
d0f116b619feede0cfdb647157ce5ab4d50a1c46 09-Jul-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Remove usage of u16string

For legacy reasons, we kept around the use of UTF-16 internally
in AAPT2. We don't need this and this CL removes all instances of
std::u16string and StringPiece16. The only places still needed
are when interacting with the ResTable APIs that only operate in

Change-Id: I492475b84bb9014fa13bf992cff447ee7a5fe588
467f171315f9c2037fcd3eb5edcfabc40671bf7b 17-Nov-2015 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Fail compiling when private symbols are referenced

Also moved some XML specific stuff into its own directory,
and refactored ReferenceLinker a bit.

Change-Id: I912247a82023c1bbf72dc191fbdaf62858cbec0c