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d78f260a988024b878909555edbfcd7159e7ad2f 28-Feb-2017 Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh@google.com> Customizable min suffix/prefix length for hyphenation in Minikin

With this change, different languages can have a different minimum
length for suffix and prefixes when hyphenating. Previously, the
defaults used for English, 2 and 3, were used for every language.

Bug: 35712376
Test: Minikin unit tests were updated and the pass
Change-Id: Iffaf11c6b208c57d28d45b17246e177572dc1210
c7ef4000c1e840c3d3b66e85a40ebd34a5a2a8ee 18-Feb-2017 Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh@google.com> Correct hyphenation for various complex cases

This adds better support for Arabic script languages, Armenian,
Catalan, Hebrew, Kannada, Malayalam, Polish, Tamil, and Telugu by
adding various hyphenation types and edits appropriate for the

For Arabic script languages, soft hyphens act transparently with
regard to joining: If a line is broken at a soft hyphen where the two
characters around the soft hyphen were joining each other before,
they will continue to appear joining if the line is broken at the
soft hyphen and a hyphen glyph is inserted. This is needed for
Central Asian languages such as Uighur.

For Armenian, U+058A ARMENIAN HYPHEN is used for line breaks caused
by either automatic hyphenation or soft hyphens.

For Catalan, nonstandard line breaks are implemented for "l·l", which
hyphenates as "l-/l".

For Polish, when there is a line break at a hyphen, the hyphen is
repeated at the next line.

For the South Indic languages, when breaks happen due to soft breaks
or automatic hyphenation, no visible hyphen is inserted, although a
penalty is added.

For Hebrew, support for using U+05BE HEBREW PUNCTUATION MAQAF has
been implemented, but it's turned off pending confirmation of

Also, hard hyphens, which previously had no penalty added for
breaking the line after them, now have the same penalty as an
automatic or soft break, with the difference that no hyphen is
inserted when they break.

Finally, some bugs have been fixed with hyphenating multiscript and
multi-font words.

Bug: 19950445
Bug: 19955011
Bug: 25623243
Bug: 26154469
Bug: 26154471
Bug: 33387871
Bug: 33560754
Bug: 33752592
Bug: 33754204
Test: Unit tests added, plus thorough manual testing
Change-Id: Iaccf776ce8d1d434ee8b1c534ff3659d80fdc338