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b22e7a742d4e0ba1510deda8f0726c02755a7961 01-Feb-2017 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Push mapping from file extension to GID.

An upcoming sdcardfs change will offer to automatically change the
GID of files on external storage based on the extension, but we need
to tell the kernel the mapping that we'd like to see.

Test: build, boots
Bug: 34733702
Change-Id: I15d4db5423d18c4da17e198c0e45a8adb381fed2
df2d754b38796e0c49c70e0a67f7d383e3079ff2 07-Jan-2017 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Methods to calculate user and external disk usage.

Add method to calculate user disk usage, which will be faster than
making a Binder call for every single appId under a user. Add method
to calculate external disk usage, which uses file extensions to track
usage with "audio", "video", and "images" categories.

Add script to generate optimized file extension matcher logic.

Start measuring internal and external storage space separately; new
GIDs are coming in a future CL. Pass down all package names, inodes,
and code paths, since shared UIDs host more than one.

Test: builds, boots, stats are consistent
Bug: 27948817, 32206268
Change-Id: Icb9843ac5159e0e5f1503d9b64e0bcae407e1a5d