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249f2d3e018bd98eba74c3184b80bc91b04281cd 04-May-2017 Calin Juravle <calin@google.com> Do not return an error if the dalvik-cache odex is missing

Test: adb shell /data/nativetest/installd_service_test/installd_service_test
Tried uninstalling an updated version of prebuilt app.
Didn't find the error message in the logcat.
Bug: 35804241
Change-Id: Iec045fa9c9ac8f036785fe5cbd0f7e43f2b680c1
e12d5964a8d14abe7f2eb6e57469cbe7f7391a19 04-Apr-2017 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Offer to "fixup" GIDs used for app data.

We recently started tracking cached app data using a per-app GID for
the "cache" and "code_cache" directories and their contents. For
upgraded devices, we ideally want to "fixup" the GIDs of any existing
data while the device is still showing the boot animation, instead of
blocking the user when they unlock the device.

Since all the information we need is available in metadata, we can
update GIDs before the user has unlocked data. We're pretty paranoid
and we only pivot between the normal app GID and the cache GID; any
other GID values are ignored.

This "fixup" method can also be used in the future to ensure
consistency of the files on disk. Also fix bug by always using
"fts_path" instead of "fts_accpath" which is based on racy chdir().

Test: /data/nativetest/installd_service_test/installd_service_test
Bug: 34201111, 35084485
Change-Id: Ia52694f3763cba09926082c08f0766477e03e39c