History log of /frameworks/native/include/media/hardware/VideoAPI.h
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2c9c0125ca6f88d41f0daa4307450fd5f40d495e 14-Dec-2016 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Properly align a packed structure.

Bug: http://b/31532493

Taking the address of a packed structure member only guarantees an
alignment of 1, so any use of that address could be misaligned.
Our latest toolchain will generate an error when these packed members
are accessed in an invalid manner. To remedy this, we can mark the
packed structure as having a stricter alignment (so that we can then
further reason about the packed members). We pick uint32_t because that
is the first field for this structure (and the one that is having its
address taken).

Test: Builds successfully with old and updated toolchain.
Change-Id: If98c05097953fbad8437fb04b0e207a85604ae1d
b4e0bce8404071958366573c2029a205336b6de2 09-Mar-2016 Lajos Molnar <lajos@google.com> media: add HDRStaticInfo and DescribeHDRStaticInfoParams

also add packed attributes to new structures in VideoAPI.h

Bug: 25684127
Change-Id: I97b626b6f0f0c38edfcdd5d3bd17019284c22578
7c357a75991d6b0ae260d9e2b730bcfe7181f899 08-Mar-2016 Lajos Molnar <lajos@google.com> media: move non-OMX structs to VideoAPI.h from HardwareAPI.h

HardwareAPI.h is to be used by OMX only.
Also add asString support for MediaImage and ColorAspect enums.

Bug: 25684127
Change-Id: I839c2ee0815278cdabe74c7cc9c9dc32cb38df76