History log of /frameworks/native/libs/vr/libbufferhub/include/private/dvr/bufferhub_rpc.h
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108e84f7e6a9117b66dba000dcf16c6d8c862e16 08-May-2017 Hendrik Wagenaar <hendrikw@google.com> dvrapi: Pass layer_count down

* We were missing layer count, which would prevent multiview
from working

Bug: 37245304
Test: MultiLayerBufferQueue
Change-Id: I88b41f1aa7665df01e89a7386cbc23b15c9a79b0
4d3590f3fd0fd65f4e8758d3228de9f55cf135d0 07-May-2017 Hendrik Wagenaar <hendrikw@google.com> Remove slices from buffers

* code no longer required, as it will be handled in vrcore

Bug: 38076195
Test: Manually ran testing
Change-Id: Id28918a3bf73b99cbb57aad4c21251b7a9623074
0057fddc71d1c3c3de8f9d0bd45a51bb293bfa3c 02-May-2017 Jiwen 'Steve' Cai <jwcai@google.com> Deprecate producer/consumer usage: Step 2

Clean up bufferhub_rpc, display_rpc and service side producer/consumer
usage reference.

Next (final) step is to remove all remaining client side reference to
producer/consumer usage and update dvr_xxx API.

This also fixes a minor typo in dvr_named_buffer-test

Bug: 37881101
Test: Build, flash, ran particles.apk and buffer_hub_queue-test
Change-Id: Ibae4376c1fd1ed964843d8b2ad2fb27204fe5e28
044963e1dd0479035b6e5f2c6bd618bde7143710 02-May-2017 Jiwen 'Steve' Cai <jwcai@google.com> Deprecate producer/consumer usage: Step 1

Clean up producer/consumer usage from IonBuffer.

Bug: 37881101
Test: Build, flash, ran particles.apk
Change-Id: I66a8c4db2348b014a7b458b69157ed7c150112e1
eaa5522feac452703a0836310047d4b15702487d 06-Apr-2017 Hendrik Wagenaar <hendrikw@google.com> Convert the pose buffer into a more generic named buffer

* It's likely that we'll have more than one pose buffer
* It's cleaner to separate the vsync info into a separate buffer

Bug: 37001881
Bug: 37240552
Test: Added and manually ran TestNamedBuffersSetup
Change-Id: I76621d3cfa8c21c9d5d1e6e648854067673be9ab
cd52dd9f1b301854b4e1734e3741d9cef8f784b1 08-Apr-2017 Corey Tabaka <eieio@google.com> Update BufferHub service/client with support for gralloc1 usage.

- Add support for gralloc1 usage flags.
- Mimic how GraphicBuffer supports gralloc0 usage flags: (usage, usage).
- Move to using pdx::Status<T> since we're touching signatures everywhere.

Bug: 36401174
Test: bufferhub_tests; buffer_hub_queue-test
Change-Id: I0e5184197b21eda9806bbea44f63b546b030692a
1db8a5d7e3b0565b976e77859e28d77f6a451a2b 22-Mar-2017 Corey Tabaka <eieio@google.com> Update BufferHubQueue in preparation for VrFlinger refactor.

- Expose buffer hub queue id to the client. This helpful as an id
in queue enumeration in the DisplayManager API.
- Address log convention deviations.
- Clean up BufferHub service error paths.
- Clean up queue importing logic to query the service for queue
parameters to avoid accidental abuse.
- Make spawning consumer queues more efficient in RPC only cases.
- Clean up ConsumerQueue constructor logic; move to pdx::Client
base class (through BufferHubQueue) instead of pdx::ClientBase.
ConsumerQueue::Create doesn't make sense as a ConsumerQueue can
only be created from another queue.

Bug: 36401174
Test: build; run buffer_hub_queue-test
Change-Id: I0530f64ecb514d0f37bb13f9ce201b6ff51502b6
e4eec20f6263f4a42ae462456f60ea6c4518bb0a 27-Jan-2017 Alex Vakulenko <avakulenko@google.com> Add DaydreamVR native libraries and services

Upstreaming the main VR system components from master-dreamos-dev
into goog/master.

Bug: None
Test: `m -j32` succeeds. Sailfish boots and basic_vr sample app works
Change-Id: I853015872afc443aecee10411ef2d6b79184d051