History log of /frameworks/native/opengl/include/GLES3/gl32.h
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5b89ed60835bb369ec8d233c3c707f6147027994 24-Mar-2016 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> Manually fix GLES headers

Apply the Khronos proposed fix to the GLES headers

Bug 26832318

Change-Id: I3f476d4b8dc4e1819afb9e791da178417e5cb427
4690754ec38f77431431910ce878850e1c60ab79 27-Oct-2015 Pablo Ceballos <pceballos@google.com> opengl: Update headers and registry and regenerate *api.in

- Update the registry xml files and python scripts in glgen2. Took
r32166 from:

- Update the GLES headers (and add gl32.h). Took r32166 from:

- Include gl32.h in libs/hooks.h

- Update glgen2/glgen.py to properly handle glPathGlyphIndexRangeNV
which uses an explicit array parameter (and is the only GL extension
that does this). This modification also fixes a bunch of whitespace
issues in the *.in files.

- Get rid of the remaining bits of glTrace code in glgen2/glgen.py

- Regenerate the *.in files with glgen2

- The official glext.h hasn't been updated and differs from the
registry in the second to last argument to glMultiDrawElementsEXT.
This file was previously modified to match the registry and this
modification has been carried forward in this commit.

- getProcAddress.cpp was failing to compile for ARM because the
inline assembly for loading the function pointer now exceeds the
limit of 4095 for an immediate offset to the ldr instruction on ARM.
Modify it to instead load the offset into a register and add it with
an add instruction before the ldr instruction.

- Khronos has added #ifdef GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES guards to the function
prototypes in gl2/3.h. In order to keep existing code compiling add
#define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES to include/KHR/khrplatform.h for now.
This should be fixed upstream and when it is this can be removed.

Change-Id: I952ace43879557d7c363810b83d65159ad2ad1e3