History log of /frameworks/native/opengl/tools/glgen/stubs/gles11/glGetIntegerv.cpp
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4e7de461c18278a31be83e7c9074a02fbb6e9475 09-May-2015 Hiroshi Yamauchi <yamauchi@google.com> Replace JNI primitive array critical calls with non-critical ones.

The glgen part.

Bug: 19235243
Change-Id: I69dfa84f15366808b964517c1ba270ddeb3c5940
006c792d99859341201d19f2b86886cc6ee525b4 23-Feb-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> add some missing parameter validation in GLES java bindings

- added support for comments in checks.spec
- added most missing checks
- added and commented with // special-cased functions
- added and commented with # functions that are still missing validation checks
- moved glGet* to a special case and updated all the "pnames" from the khronos spec
- changed ifcheck to default to 1 value. this allows us to simplify the checks.spec file
and handle unknown pnames automatically (they'll be validated against 1 value, if
it happens to need more, the call will go through but the validation will not
- refactored the cpp headers in to a common header + GLES version specific

Bug: 7402895
Change-Id: Ie8fcc713188dd4819dfa55e5398e6b53ae9a14af