History log of /frameworks/native/services/inputflinger/host/InputHost.cpp
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2e7f0146a04fe2dbe5ca0389752709e235c64acc 10-Sep-2015 Tim Kilbourn <tkilbourn@google.com> Refactor InputHost and InputDriver

The host implementation of the HAL interface is largely done by the
InputDriver, so have it implement the opaque input_host_t type rather
than the InputHost itself. This allows the HAL interface to cast the
input_host_t pointer to an InputDriver pointer in order to implement
the host functionality.

Change-Id: I72de1e90eb6ee5e346c15707b8a6b793005bbccb
6f783602c05c519238200fed55b0afa097737ca1 14-Feb-2015 Michael Wright <michaelwr@google.com> Move inputflinger process to host directory

Change-Id: I08ee44bf8b93e7f1760ee9f8d9876a1e2e2e86c8