History log of /frameworks/native/services/sensorservice/hidl/EventQueue.cpp
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06d46fda66f7e6cc144a195ac6dc065bca2e3616 20-Apr-2017 Yifan Hong <elsk@google.com> Fix reference loop in IEventQueue implementation.

EventQueue's destructor is never called because
EventQueueLooperCallback has a strong reference to it,
and EventQueueLooperCallback is never destroyed because
the file descriptor is never removed from the looper.

Bug: 37280081
Test: camera works
Test: event queue is destroyed when client removes
its reference (from logcat)

Change-Id: I12347b6d1cca354288382555d2d9a20acfa59233
957aa852bb9bd7a70cc4f7f553d4945f3f8da23c 07-Apr-2017 Andreas Huber <andih@google.com> Prevent runtime restart for crashed clients to framework sensorservice.

This only happens when the client dies, in which case the event queue
reference will be dropped on the client side, so the call to handleEvent
won't even be fired, except for a race condition.

The race condition is, if handleEvent is already fired,
then client dies and the event queue is going to be destroyed and the
fd is going to be removed, but before that the call onEvent fails.

Test: clients of SensorManager that uses event queue no longer
Bug: 35219747

Change-Id: Ibdf062528a219fae65ee6263ed742229ec3cd0d6
95c7a0636763c0861d46425709befe90a3919c04 29-Mar-2017 Yifan Hong <elsk@google.com> Implement android.frameworks.sensorservice@1.0::IEventQueue.

Test: pass
Bug: 35219747
Change-Id: I52ddd64db500c23db22768fc0603bce0cc14f8c6