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5b3cf0576d91358cb850945d89382938ff8dc5ed 04-May-2017 Fabien Sanglard <sanglardf@google.com> Delete SurfaceFlinger BYPASS codepath

Test: AUPT, Manual
Change-Id: I8d6139fbb8a3ec113d7cb973420a5874d3e31030
Merged-Id: I8d6139fbb8a3ec113d7cb973420a5874d3e31030
aaff73f92a2fcadda8c765eb9b02f2849418a873 13-Feb-2017 Chia-I Wu <olv@google.com> surfaceflinger: simplify HWC buffer cache clean up

When a Layer is no longer connected, we destroy the associated HWC
layers on next call to SurfaceFlinger::rebuildLayerStacks or when
the Layer is destroyed. There is no need to listen to
onBuffersReleased. Besides, we need to perform the cleanup from the
main thread as we only talk to HWC process from the main thread.

While at it, move HWComposerBufferCache to its own files.

Bug: 35320590
Test: manual
Change-Id: Ifa32f24076b094c8fa9cda8572b03d5bfb8e0b93