History log of /frameworks/native/services/vr/hardware_composer/aidl/android/dvr/parcelable_composer_layer.cpp
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730c89a8042e277304a90bff180348fcda75d5a7 10-Apr-2017 Albert Chaulk <achaulk@google.com> vrwm: Push all the properties to vr window manager

Bug: 37204430
Test: Manual
Change-Id: I6cda2732f4aff2433152ffc3549677d23bc598b3
1f42e3a02c4f9a1ba1916a2f0e47082bedb73e41 10-Apr-2017 Daniel Nicoara <dnicoara@google.com> VR: Update VR HWC to use buffer metadata passed by SurfaceFlinger

Without gralloc1 support, need to pass buffer metadata in order to
import native buffers and used them as graphic buffers.

Bug: 36481301
Test: Compiled and ran on device; Verified VR Window Manager properly
displays SurfaceFlinger buffers.

Change-Id: I8426be1d79dcc2fbd631c399427ae03cb2afc21d
5bac7f36ee9d5ed0c2e8a0141909ca94351965a8 06-Apr-2017 Chia-I Wu <olv@google.com> libui: update for revised HIDL gralloc

The revised HIDL gralloc is implementable on top of gralloc0 and
gralloc1, which enables us to remove all legacy code.

However, it lacks the ability to query buffer properties from a
buffer handle. GetBufferFromHandle in VR always fails.

Bug: 36481301
Test: builds and boots on Pixel
Change-Id: Id7cfa2d2172dfc008803860f24fcf4f03ba05f11
b42f171a5a76985fde2689d90fd6d2d7e4920564 21-Mar-2017 Chia-I Wu <olv@google.com> libui: clean up GraphicBuffer interface

Other than transferring the ownership, some callers want to control
whether to register or to clone the handle when creating a
GraphicBuffer from a handle. Add a new constructor with
HandleWrapMethod for finer controls, to replace the one that has
only a boolean, keepOwnership.

The motivation is to enable users to construct GraphicBuffer without
fighting with GraphicBufferMapper::registerBuffer first. More
generally, GraphicBufferMapper::{registerBuffer,unregisterBuffer} is
tricky to use correctly. They should really be considered private
by most.

While at it, deprecate constructors that do not distinguish
producer/consumer usage. It turns out GraphicBuffer is used by some
proprietary libraries. I have to maintain the ABI and cannot remove
the deprecated constructors.

Bug: 36355756
Test: boots
Change-Id: Ieea618d8495f06a6233299d076fb821127cd6bf8
aba4d01add2e961f8b24a6281f3c616f916eb92f 09-Mar-2017 Daniel Nicoara <dnicoara@google.com> VR: Add VR Hardware Composer Service

Create a separate service with serves the binderized HWComposer
implementation for VR.

Exposes a binder service which VrCore may connect in order to receive
SurfaceFlinger output.

Bug: 36051907
Test: Compiled and ran unittests
Change-Id: I16ec08d32ba0445ac982fc235e59bc3129e03096