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cc41f5068689035520c3b6efc0ac728fff4dcb73 20-Apr-2017 Daniel Nicoara <dnicoara@google.com> Check for caller permissions in virtual touchpad service

Bug: 37542947
Test: Compiled and ran on device and verified no permission errors in VR

Change-Id: I8e6198faeeb510792238f6fcce879f6bfb572281
0d5a06a66396635c2c5a1178eefab248321d7068 22-Mar-2017 Kevin Schoedel <kpschoedel@google.com> Fix virtual touchpad re-attachment.

If the client crashes without detaching the virtual touchpad
and a new instance reconnects, it should take over the existing
device without attempting to configure it again.

Bug: 36051900
Test: no
Change-Id: I446f1bc7cb9c08f914b9bfc653857a97fdc7839c
4b64dd48b6896d6b963f0a3a0259d3d2a7076a9e 07-Mar-2017 Kevin Schoedel <kpschoedel@google.com> Revise virtual touchpad interface.

- Explicit start and stop, outside of which the evdev devices
don't exist.
- Permission test (not compiled by default pending build & SELinux
support for temporarily retaining a second copy of the service
for vr_wm).
- Enforce a single user of the touchpad.
- Support 'dumpsys'.

Bug: 36051900
Test: log inspection
Change-Id: I038ed2632d5adf50a3565a981031691d5dc5f7cd
3002b8a74431dd7c005269cf9306443a4b4963f1 06-Mar-2017 Kevin Schoedel <kpschoedel@google.com> Interface for multiple virtual touchpads.

This passes the touchpad selection across binder, but does not yet
actually implement multiple touchpad devices.

Bug: b/35992608
Test: primary only in VirtualTouchpad_test
Change-Id: I7529735362e0e38805b9c0e52e07b5efc86bd535
89af70bce420f011adfeb0f80984b3895c4d7d9b 04-Mar-2017 Kevin Schoedel <kpschoedel@google.com> Provide a library interface to the virtual touchpad service.

And make VrWindowManager pay for^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H use it. The library
interface is a step toward moving 2D embedding into VrCore because it
hides the binder connection that isn't directly accessible to VrCore.

As a matter of implementation, the touchpad-service client library
and the low-level evdev touchpad are derived from the same interface.

Bug: b/35990873
Test: VirtualTouchpad_test; integration TBD.
Change-Id: Ic922ff223ddd5a44f6fb4433a271f8341e93a0e7
4fe60582f314e381098f8f3bc2e39c5880e9243a 02-Feb-2017 Alex Vakulenko <avakulenko@google.com> Remove references to libchrome

Removed dependencies on libchrome which was used mostly for logging
and switched over to standard Android log macros.

Bug: None
Test: `m -j32` still succeeds
Change-Id: I0a841c19c15c02f9a031af200e82837f9450d88a
43b5b06c8be24e465bd6a7b22a8d341db1ad50a2 19-Jan-2017 Kevin Schoedel <kpschoedel@google.com> Add synthetic back button to virtual touchpad/stylus.

Also add a bit more error checking and documentation.

Test: added to VirtualTouchpad_test.cpp
Bug: 34673438
Change-Id: I3851a2ad79c5338cdd1db0c7d460aecfff082cc3
e4eec20f6263f4a42ae462456f60ea6c4518bb0a 27-Jan-2017 Alex Vakulenko <avakulenko@google.com> Add DaydreamVR native libraries and services

Upstreaming the main VR system components from master-dreamos-dev
into goog/master.

Bug: None
Test: `m -j32` succeeds. Sailfish boots and basic_vr sample app works
Change-Id: I853015872afc443aecee10411ef2d6b79184d051