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59f6142d7657e43b4d21e077a28387431db02edf 14-Mar-2017 Miao Wang <miaowang@google.com> Remove libgui and libui dependencies for vendor libs.

- This CL removes dependencies on libgui, libui and other remaining
dependences, if build with RS_VENDOR_LIB defined.
- We cannot remove the dependencies for platform RenderScript CPU
fallback, because of the legacy graphics APIs.
- Vendor drivers will be built without graphics APIs, the reference
build file will be posted in another CL.

Bug: 34396220
Test: mm, CTS test pass with the vendor libs.
Change-Id: If90b600a58d0f81488f56a1e21ca332f1a235162
82e135c4bbe18855d8ed02632bb074f8da0b96e0 28-Feb-2017 Miao Wang <miaowang@google.com> Remove libutils.so dependency from libRSDriver, libRSCpuRef, and most
parts of libRS_internal.

NOTE: we're resolving dependencies to provide a model for vendors.
For us, all this code is above the HAL, thus the dependencies
are acceptable; whereas for vendors, their equivalent of this code is
below the HAL, and so the dependencies are not acceptable.

This CL resolves the libutils dependency by:
- Implement the timings functions in android::renderscript namespace
using NDK APIs, instead of using libutils counterparts.
- Replace android::Vector and android::String8 by std::vector and

This CL didn't resolve the libutils dependency of rsFont.cpp and
rsDebugger.cpp in libRS_internal:
The dependent functionality in rsDebugHelper.h is off by default, and
only intended for use during development; and rsFont.cpp is part of
graphics API which is not implemented below the HAL and is not used as
a model by vendors.

Additionally, this CL fixed the bug that mNodes was sorted in a
decreasing order. Nodes in ScriptGroup should be executed in
ascending order. The bad sort was only for support lib; so there was a
previously-unknown bug in support lib implementation of ScriptGroup.

libutils contains a collection of things like Vector, String8,
CallStack. It served the purpose similar to a STL library, when there
was no stable STL implementation available in Android. And most
importantly, it is not part of NDK.
Support lib used to use our own implementations of android::Vector and
android::String8, because it can only depend on NDK, similarly for the
timing related functions.
As part of the Treble requirements, native RS, including vendor version
libRS_internal, libRSDriver, libRSCpuRef could only depend on NDK
too. So we need to break the dependency on libutils. And since we now
have reasonable support of STLs, we should use that instead.

Bug: 34396220
Test: mm, and all CTS tests pass on Bullhead;
RsTest and RSTest_CompatLib (both native and compat path) also pass.
Change-Id: Ib9a37d16235c1dcd0f5bae3b95c374e394483c91
62237219e567b9f972c86e7ca4e96f9b3d5ad4de 28-Feb-2017 Miao Wang <miaowang@google.com> Remove RS_SERVER macros and references to unused headers.

- The RS_SERVER macros were intended to have a version of RenderScript
running on the desktop. It has not fully worked for a very long time.

Bug: 35473587
Test: build and CTS tests pass
Change-Id: I0da3fc9d4601951442384d05f9dbecaeddeff8cc
84bf95dece5bdac4a56b6f40c160e85cc7bb9732 09-Apr-2015 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Fix object logging

Change-Id: I1731637412cf9e894f2b73dc32ab3370f6467160
66f0a168c4227d4e302f4ffb21ec7e9d7b9ca828 11-Nov-2014 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Cleanup includes for rs/cpp to not expose internal details.

Change-Id: Ib23f591f8418d3318f61ab1d3f6f2b684bf95692
d216dafa216f3329577ab624cdc5a5d1860ec035 03-Apr-2013 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Add DebugHelper to ObjectBase.

This enables us to easily use things like CallStack for our debug runtime.
Without this abstraction, we end up with size/offset mismatches against
libbcc's implementation of set/getElementAt.

Change-Id: I91ae0ef709fa5b8ab7dda905cd07d1c565dd0212