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59f6142d7657e43b4d21e077a28387431db02edf 14-Mar-2017 Miao Wang <miaowang@google.com> Remove libgui and libui dependencies for vendor libs.

- This CL removes dependencies on libgui, libui and other remaining
dependences, if build with RS_VENDOR_LIB defined.
- We cannot remove the dependencies for platform RenderScript CPU
fallback, because of the legacy graphics APIs.
- Vendor drivers will be built without graphics APIs, the reference
build file will be posted in another CL.

Bug: 34396220
Test: mm, CTS test pass with the vendor libs.
Change-Id: If90b600a58d0f81488f56a1e21ca332f1a235162
82e135c4bbe18855d8ed02632bb074f8da0b96e0 28-Feb-2017 Miao Wang <miaowang@google.com> Remove libutils.so dependency from libRSDriver, libRSCpuRef, and most
parts of libRS_internal.

NOTE: we're resolving dependencies to provide a model for vendors.
For us, all this code is above the HAL, thus the dependencies
are acceptable; whereas for vendors, their equivalent of this code is
below the HAL, and so the dependencies are not acceptable.

This CL resolves the libutils dependency by:
- Implement the timings functions in android::renderscript namespace
using NDK APIs, instead of using libutils counterparts.
- Replace android::Vector and android::String8 by std::vector and

This CL didn't resolve the libutils dependency of rsFont.cpp and
rsDebugger.cpp in libRS_internal:
The dependent functionality in rsDebugHelper.h is off by default, and
only intended for use during development; and rsFont.cpp is part of
graphics API which is not implemented below the HAL and is not used as
a model by vendors.

Additionally, this CL fixed the bug that mNodes was sorted in a
decreasing order. Nodes in ScriptGroup should be executed in
ascending order. The bad sort was only for support lib; so there was a
previously-unknown bug in support lib implementation of ScriptGroup.

libutils contains a collection of things like Vector, String8,
CallStack. It served the purpose similar to a STL library, when there
was no stable STL implementation available in Android. And most
importantly, it is not part of NDK.
Support lib used to use our own implementations of android::Vector and
android::String8, because it can only depend on NDK, similarly for the
timing related functions.
As part of the Treble requirements, native RS, including vendor version
libRS_internal, libRSDriver, libRSCpuRef could only depend on NDK
too. So we need to break the dependency on libutils. And since we now
have reasonable support of STLs, we should use that instead.

Bug: 34396220
Test: mm, and all CTS tests pass on Bullhead;
RsTest and RSTest_CompatLib (both native and compat path) also pass.
Change-Id: Ib9a37d16235c1dcd0f5bae3b95c374e394483c91
7974fc03e11f3a8dd40f794f3b33b4889483090c 09-Feb-2017 Rahul Chaudhry <rahulchaudhry@google.com> frameworks/rs: fix typos and clang-tidy warnings

This change fixes a few typos and clang tidy warnings related to the
"llvm-namespace-comment" checks.

Bug: 26936282
Test: WITH_TIDY=1 WITH_TIDY_CHECKS="llvm-namespace-comment" mm
Change-Id: Ic65182e5b4999fbd48d6a8ad7172e4bfeeb541f4
10ab8bb0fa510bdb577adce5e67b6bf35882a9dd 01-Jul-2016 Chih-Hung Hsieh <chh@google.com> Fix google-explicit-constructor warnings in frameworks/rs.

* Declare explicit conversion constructors.
* Add NOLINT to implicit conversion constructors.

Bug: 28341362
Test: build with clang-tidy

Change-Id: If5114de668c1c8946b8fca9cee4b2b14f95be5f1
b8353c5943f4038fd7f08db3d958390ce9418798 15-Feb-2015 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Revert "Replaced android::Vector with std::vector."


This reverts commit 93d6bc872b7d9fba63abfa7513d56b38d9c3d371.

I also made some changes to Make it work with HEAD.

Change-Id: I5e516976ec1d85ffe1cf388c01795348a9441982
44bef6fba6244292b751387f3d6c31cca96c28ad 12-Aug-2014 Chris Wailes <chriswailes@google.com> Replace NULL macros with nullptr literals.

Change-Id: I918c40879aa547438f77e7d1a95fa2aa33bec398
93d6bc872b7d9fba63abfa7513d56b38d9c3d371 29-Jul-2014 Chris Wailes <chriswailes@google.com> Replaced android::Vector with std::vector.

Change-Id: I4c6abd964dc4b1412ec2e592fc8e835fecfe53f6
48ecf6a5e85a9a832f41393ed2802385bb8b5db8 10-Jul-2013 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Remove more String8

Change-Id: I2b43c3c104eab7cb3b6573bea4858f6c2d0a76ca
a7f5e0406825151660c1c2e75c287e2fc8368023 09-Jul-2013 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Remove unnecessary string operations.

Change-Id: I9e59c54e0ac200b5cf8bd35b3746112d0444a8d5
a6dd823b9dcbd7ce7dfc34eda52a1e4104771f79 26-Jul-2012 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Cleanup pointer access in adapter and font.

Change-Id: Ie500574adebb9bdb38c138f78582af2cd7610f76
e3150cfb3edb028407669e4a65e087eae77e718c 25-Jul-2012 Jason Sams <jsams@google.com> Plumb context through for serialization.

Change-Id: I2a49f57aa7576604deeac898a7cceb36ae68d66f
e23d239828a229eb7d4d33c9630070f0a87833e1 09-Mar-2012 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Starting to untangle header spaghetti.

Change-Id: I31f38d05dc8b55c659e8c7e9c0a87b94b9ac1db5
3715b00e7b10a2624c1d5c696186c7a2f4a75a91 17-Feb-2012 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Rename three header files to free namespace for api.

Change-Id: Ie9ef65a477373c30b2d5b02248f62e768b6f27ae
a74a8f635ce4fae0a9d4b9c79e9fa412787bf6a2 16-Nov-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Fixing FBO font rendering bug that resulted from using old surface size.

Change-Id: I31d0967bb36ca6ffb6a4c8194597d3c523cfe954
c700e649ca44d0dcff8b271e42d949ea72fe3c63 16-Aug-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Fixing asynchronous performance issues.

Change-Id: I10f02cd37a33a6c655814d24e0a4291dc044fba3
b81a0eb8180791e4eaab1253b59fa8bd562b046b 03-Jun-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> More work to make libRS buildable on the host.

Change-Id: I239585ef7c1334f7fc19fa6423535dea7b9a753f
a04e30dbb5ab11592b03666bb3d102070759c58e 30-Apr-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Moving renderscript GL code into the HAL
This change affects
- shaders
- meshes
- fonts
- quad rendering

Change-Id: I2a53acb4cd1fa8f4c6e67668f6ee969f3d7f7aa1
02000b3cdcb2ac369bd06313932b26d4b8e023a9 25-Feb-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Moving dependency includes out of librs headers.

When we want to use it on the host, we shouldn't need to go hunting for every external dependency

Change-Id: I885262acdcdf5ede4a9392235f35d5e2f7038e8b
2e8665de7c0eb4514c67baf8693d61c892e5303d 27-Jan-2011 Jason Sams <rjsams@android.com> Correctly free resouces bound to scripts when the scripts are deleted.

Change-Id: Idfcc30f1a7de0badeb6d8254ed508938d89f4070
b: 3381615
5224a27798f89093b13722b41143551a057ce550 07-Jan-2011 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Additional loading methods for fonts and a3d files.
Cleaned up error messages.

Change-Id: Id33b7149671df23c37cc11375d844a7837dac750

Change-Id: I6663ce54f7b9bbaf285935ca658d93ba417f8179
c17ace2391783dcabc6c1482edf0362654fd83e5 17-Dec-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> API reaview cleanup

Change-Id: Ib1aaf81130ffa6b5e6c60096c27c969e8891db3f
afb743aca56c18beb7ab924e75cb6e070ef3e55a 10-Nov-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Code cleanup to make formatting consistent
across all the renderscript files.

Change-Id: Idf5fcc60877e44c8f074f7176e37f70b3b895a3c
09c67356bbeee0a97a20a06c95b66756838cb541 05-Oct-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Adding text metrics to renderscript.

Change-Id: Ica460525243d714a278e4ad5e436af43e1008e0c
c9fa30536fb41f0166153561388b7c42f7cb85a0 02-Oct-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Fix for bug 3053078
Font gamma correction to match with lib HWUI.

Change-Id: I329a2f97058f4929b96724c9df39fbfad4243b33
e7ae69f4a70f1813cf8086ebd9714192c635300a 14-Sep-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Shader changes to allow for more flexible constant binding.

Change-Id: Ic66e6e2a371c6e3d5dce1b00f63acab8c09bd110
01bcef6115dc6230b16d9d8e120e35279f46cfd5 17-Aug-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Propagating some useful font changes.

Change-Id: Ia3b31a0fa0c59c5edbd3edaca164ca85e090e708
ca5a454e022caec6c6d3cbb404cc09ea095ba97a 05-Aug-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Fixing fonts to use constant color instead of variable.

Change-Id: Ia590dfed482f82b7bc748c25b7b1592efea5b68c
9fc9f0375a92fe22fecb3782b18a5c6060a07290 04-Aug-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Added ability to set font color.
Propagating the name of meshes and allocations from native a3d to java

Change-Id: If781f55340b5369459610e5e92ea69e240dcd24e
a1ccecd965c07c2739f1258989526051a010bdab 30-Jun-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Removing font initialization on startup

Change-Id: I6f28204c3d431955fbf0f2f74dde09012bba0a4d
d3e0ad43dc758c409fc23d1893dab67b18520c24 25-Jun-2010 Alex Sakhartchouk <alexst@google.com> Adding freetype font rendering to renderscript.

Change-Id: I3a10ffe27092a41df156341c9cb3f7aa19c49f19