History log of /frameworks/rs/rsov/compiler/InlinePreparationPass.cpp
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eb6548743c40f4129ca55a58ff2d5254f22e95e1 22-Feb-2017 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Reorganized metadata related code in rs2spirv

Bug: 30964317

Added a Context class, which is a singleton that is shared across
all LLVM and Spirit compiler passes for rs2spirv. Inside Context,
there is a bcinfo::MetadataExtractor, as well as data structures
for quick lookup of information about foreach kernels and exported

Cleaned up passes which used to use MetadataExtractor to use this
new Context.

Test: lit tests
Change-Id: I3c88f8e8e75b354d87c155312176544fb660526b
b83f1f4d77c7624b9e8dc11beec8f796ff841918 02-Mar-2017 I-Jui (Ray) Sung <ijsung@google.com> Fix build failures of RSoV compiler with DISABLE_NDEBUG

Uses of the DEBUG() macro in some parts of RSoV compiler triggered a
build failure with DISABLE_NDEBUG. This simple CL fixed these.

Bug: 30964317
Test: mm
Change-Id: Ieb28ef6dbbb50c6668468ca2a69565095bcc4bfe
c7b3a43821ccf0f2b13840246e1895744799cf6b 01-Mar-2017 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Clean up rs2spirv code

Bug: 30964317

Moved tests/globals/getdimx.ll and rewrite_getdim.ll into tests/rs_allocation.

Removed unneeded #include's, and adjusted #include order.

Removed print-as-words command-line option.

Removed some dead code.

Test: lit tests and RSoVTest

Change-Id: I263987597b8c1ec7aa5593157580aa3ad65861a1
7974fc03e11f3a8dd40f794f3b33b4889483090c 09-Feb-2017 Rahul Chaudhry <rahulchaudhry@google.com> frameworks/rs: fix typos and clang-tidy warnings

This change fixes a few typos and clang tidy warnings related to the
"llvm-namespace-comment" checks.

Bug: 26936282
Test: WITH_TIDY=1 WITH_TIDY_CHECKS="llvm-namespace-comment" mm
Change-Id: Ic65182e5b4999fbd48d6a8ad7172e4bfeeb541f4
6749f541c20e86f5deb6fd421ed5849ef43c275c 08-Nov-2016 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Initial backend compiler for RSoV

Bug: 30964317

This compiler compiles RenderScript LLVM bitcode into SPIR-V.

This was done by Jakub Kuderski as part of his 2016 summer internship
at Google.

Test: build

Change-Id: I395cdab2b97451b9e0a9b866af2d112ead73ab72