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3e5fbb6faf66488ba49c9d2396350ae567dba315 27-Feb-2017 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Added methods to serialize/deserialize into/from words

Bug: 30964317

Without requirement to create input/output word streams.

Updated tests and dependent modules to use word vector as input
and output whereever applicable, instead of using word streams.

Test: unit tests, lit tests, and RSoVTest.

Change-Id: I013b1ae7eb70c189142300629bfc5339e8358168
3f30b6202dd5ad6ff66959131d216405850ed152 26-Feb-2017 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Added Pass and PassQueue to Spirit

Bug: 30964317

Reorganized rs2spirv using PassQueue.

Changed LiteralString from const char * to std::string, so that the
life cycle of the underneath string is correctly managed.

Improved Transformer so that it can capture changes made to the
global or decoration section while transforming function defintions.

Fixed #include order per LLVM coding convention.

Test: unit tests, lit tests, and RSoVTest

Change-Id: I93b2588f94541ae90d3a847ce3fc3eaa941b7a59
4df77d18bf57187f8e7142c6f7a70a9cdd3d581e 31-Jan-2017 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> SPIRIT: An in-memory IR for SPIR-V

Bug: 30964317

This is a C++ programming interface to create, serialize, deserialize,
and transform SPIR-V IR in memory.

The current focus is to generate and manipulate SPIR-V for Vulkan
compute shaders, which RSoV generates for RenderScript kernels.

Test: Unit tests (gtest), i.e.,

Change-Id: I5ae9aec72311402e1f6513cac33fdc7bc1001be5