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75f0d3110b04346b901771f96ce15cdbe907278f 11-Nov-2016 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Initial driver for RSoV (RenderScript over Vulkan/SPIR-V)

Bug: 30964317

Supports the following:

* Allocations of 32-bit integers and floating point numbers and vectors
* Single-input single-output kernels
* Co-existence of RSoV scripts and CPU intrinsics

Added default .clang-format for driver code using Google C++ code style.

The RSoV driver is loaded, if and only if the property debug.rs.rsov is
set to non-zero.

Test: RSTest and CTS with debug.rs.rsov set to 0; and RSoVTest with
debug.rs.rsov set to 1.

Change-Id: If63370a502d499e8fc5f4bbd2e90ce84b167c331