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f87eb1d84dfee2f1be9ea326754829b1eff4967f 22-Mar-2017 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> leanback: make Details embedded video more useful

The current implementation has assumption that
the PlaybackGlue is setup during onCreate() and there
is only one PlaybackGlue allowed. The restriction
makes some use cases impossible. This CL address this
by adding more flexibility of when a PlaybackGlue can
be assigned to DetailsFragmentBackgroundController.

1. allow setupVideoPlayback() later, this allows
app add a purchase flow before playing.

2. allow setupVideoPlayback() multiple times, so
a real video can replace trailer video after
purchase flow is done.

3. Fix bug of RecyclerViewParallax not running
parallax effect when there is no item, added
a onLayoutChangeListener so that DetailsParallaxDrawable
will set correct bounds when RecyclerView is assigned
a initial size (verified by test noInitialItem)

4. new API canNavigateToVideoFragment(), this allows
app to control when DPAD_UP can navigate to videos.

5. new API switchToVideo() so that app can switch to video
UI programmatically after a purchase flow finishes.

Bug: 36126851
Test: DetailsFragmentTest DetailsSupportFragmentTest

Change-Id: I7cd4084e71b85d8fd739d30a421746312bdb086c
e1cde4d4ac42a6e9e16aad2b4df970c7c7d0771c 21-Dec-2016 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Leanback: parallax and details video API refactoring

There are too many new concpets introduced when we create
multiple building blocks around parallax. This CL tries to
get rid of some classes.

1. Remove class ParallaxSource, integrated into Parallax.
So there is no more setSource()/getSource().

2. Replace DetailsParallaxManager with DetailsParallax. It is no
longer a manager pattern but DetailsParallax is a direct
subclass of Parallax.

3. Replace DetailsBackgroundParallaxHelper with
DetailsParallaxDrawable which is a direct subclass of
CompositeDrawble. No more helper concept.

4. remove the glue creation API from DetailsFragment, those
are not necessary and app can do it on the side.

The summary of new classes:
1. Parallax, tracks multiple UI events and perform multiple
ParallaxEffects on ParallaxTargets. RecyclerViewParallax is a
subclass of Parallax that monitors RecyclerView child positions.

2. DetailsParallax is a subclass of RecyclerViewParallax,
DetailsFragment holds the DetailsParallax object and is responsible
to attach it to VerticalGridView and sync with Transition animation.
DetailsParallax is shared by both background bitmap and video.

3. Created a DetailsFragmentBackgroundController class responsible
for parallax background and embedded video playing.

Bug: 33750080
Bug: 33751156
Test: all existing leanback tests

Change-Id: Iec81a444d5d4fbeb675f16222b09b407acf007a2
2452cde3b8d7cbe62f6eb2fbcbcf9a02448d6891 13-Jan-2017 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Switch from getActivity() to getContext()

In case we host the fragment outside activity.

Bug: 34276716
Test: leanback unit tests and SupportLeanbackDemo app

Change-Id: Ic8e16c038a8590c3359533d00b41f80dca917092
cc671dd3caac1d0cbf3f6999ab063c9ff1f297b2 18-Oct-2016 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Add checkstyle:off flag

Test: None
Bug: 32243836

Change-Id: I5c28ee5b4623e25126518ceb99f17b5ee384cb76
4702556bfd15c9819a7b2af759aee0f719cd631f 11-Oct-2016 susnata <susnata@google.com> Adding video player to DetailsFragment.

Added VideoFragment for rendering videos to DetailsFragment.
Video playback will be configured by DetailsFragmentVideoHelper.
Parallax functionality will continue to be configured by
DetailsBackgroundParallaxHelper. ParallaxManager will be shared
between the helpers for running animations based on the position
of DetailsOverview view.

Updated LeanbackSupportDemo(NewDetailsFragment) sample code to
use the video player.

Test: None
Change-Id: Iaeee2caf3b7f3567e4a53ad76574db9adaa32ba0
be542c8fdb736143369ea8b2ca5cb9ab76282e04 04-Oct-2016 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> leanback: Remove support fragment for BackgroundManager

The fragment is just used for life cycle, so we can safely use
framework fragment for hosting background in FragmentActivity.

Test: run SupportLeanbackDemos
Bug: None

Change-Id: Ifa49707230030b87995126dac7889d54b3290920
afd999aba1b74d876ea2620775ba9157e6df7102 16-Aug-2016 susnata <susnata@google.com> Creating a new PlaybackFragment.

This will be used to deprecate the old PlaybackOverlayFragment.
We will use it in DetailsFragment to render the controls when
in fullscreen video mode.

Change-Id: I646ae5f64323c569aefb9cb039e16f6035a8eee4
fb11ded6cfa3965883e68625e0c7e14b4b4fe0b3 15-Mar-2016 Susnata Basak <susnata@google.com> Revert "Revert "Improving Row/Page fragment handling in BrowseFragment.""

This reverts commit 80a1d2dfbe5c1f26370cc1753c3ae321f126f5d2.

Change-Id: I98961927b6428b6a741939ce1c09ae6a1855a508
80a1d2dfbe5c1f26370cc1753c3ae321f126f5d2 15-Mar-2016 Carlos Valdivia <carlosvaldivia@google.com> Revert "Improving Row/Page fragment handling in BrowseFragment."

This reverts commit 4400ca12ff731a7392715bc3d8ad3539b4c37889.

Change-Id: I9f30e33f64b4520327da614f6a4755d2bf292141
4400ca12ff731a7392715bc3d8ad3539b4c37889 11-Mar-2016 susnata <susnata@google.com> Improving Row/Page fragment handling in BrowseFragment.

Change-Id: I68eed234dc3dc10eb14aafc42478360578fa21a0
1c3ce0fa10ec24e4edd5e5ea909b4d4357534b53 23-Feb-2016 susnata <susnata@google.com> Refactoring BrowseFragment to support single page fragments.

Change-Id: Iccf5de0fd3f1b38667d450b3fd110200afb914a3
bc69c4a046bdabeaa72c28fcca0ceeb72517a81f 02-Feb-2016 Chulwoo Lee <chulwoo@google.com> Generate support fragment for OnboardingFragment

Bug: 26936113
Change-Id: I2d5a4b145c710effab38a9b6c3b8989b90e220ad
7f3d7b01db6056a4061a8dc52b4c6dea8b4a1881 30-Sep-2015 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Add PlaybackControlGlue for support v4 fragment

Change-Id: I301956d46baacb45b351ee0f1d01a49ead76c9e2
b749047cd5b6e0aa4514e5f17c053a256e20e1ca 24-Sep-2015 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Workaround for NPE inFragment.mContainerId

The current workaround is not complete for opening guided step fragment
on existing fragment. Added protection for both container id.

Tested on Emulators of API22 and API23

Bug 24375784

Change-Id: I2ae73ea50bde2bee0e6c8f1a855e4f993ad5068b
47d21fb23abd7099f1bcfc08365ec9f946f0f6d8 23-Sep-2015 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Fix doc build of autogenerated GuidedStepSupportFragment

Change-Id: I15e283baca31581e5acfe0b23d0bf5074bc71560
4e9bfff0d62ddb50391fecefdf8d98d59fb21387 23-Sep-2015 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Revert "Revert "Generate GuidedStepSupportFragment""

This reverts commit 443ba2e86253206c52d83678fb806763c6eb6f06.
443ba2e86253206c52d83678fb806763c6eb6f06 21-Sep-2015 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Revert "Generate GuidedStepSupportFragment"

This reverts commit 8d02cf0ae050cbf990b4537c5de0d26d8a30c05f.

Change-Id: I600a064d000a121a7dff807912253970b5d9b0c9
8d02cf0ae050cbf990b4537c5de0d26d8a30c05f 04-Sep-2015 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Generate GuidedStepSupportFragment

Tested with SupportLeanbackDemos

Bug 21504593

Change-Id: Ie3ac4c02d01a9d9d88e0d11788e8d04e759cd530
e7246ef136ed686d8caf339d4d1fd8e37b499c6a 24-Feb-2015 Craig Stout <cstout@google.com> Broaden support for title/branding.

Unhide TitleView and BrowseFrameLayout.
Refactored branding fragment apis into base class BrandedFragment.
Browse, details, vertical grid are now BrandedFragments.
Create TitleHelper for devs managing TitleViews without BrandedFragment.
Ensure moving toward 'end' from TitleView passes focus correctly.


Change-Id: I5f48e404694997b359cbed579735544e79f6319b
3f0f3eb255bde49549a77c0b5d252decaa2a0202 13-Nov-2014 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Leanback: Support delayed details entrance transition

Added a BaseFragment and move shared entrance transition code in.


Change-Id: Ibfe78116a0822925dbd25dbfde38e9b1c8e6c488
b82192579c3786a4c76e1508fd801765a929110e 31-Oct-2014 Dake Gu <dake@google.com> Add python script

Since sed is not compatible on BSD and GNU...

Change-Id: I6de0e3483b181aae7c1062a3eaaac8855dc00dbf