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H A DFrame.h28 class Frame { class in namespace:android::uirenderer::renderthread
30 Frame(int32_t width, int32_t height, int32_t bufferAge) function in class:android::uirenderer::renderthread::Frame
43 Frame() {} function in class:android::uirenderer::renderthread::Frame
H A DFrame.java27 * There are two ways to obtain new Frame instances. You can call
28 * {@link OutputPort#fetchAvailableFrame(int[])} on an OutputPort to obtain a Frame to pass to an
30 * a detached Frame instance that you may hold onto in your filter. If you need to hold on to a
31 * Frame that is owned by an input or output queue, you must call
34 * When you are done using a detached Frame, you must release it yourself.
38 * to read or write to the data. Writing to a read-locked Frame may produce unexpected results and
40 * {@link #unlock()}. Note, that a Frame must be unlocked before you push it into an output queue.
42 * Generally, any type of access format to a Frame's data will be granted. However, it is strongly
44 * in the access flags passed to {@code newFrame()}. This will allow the Frame to allocate
47 * A frame can be be pushed to an OutputPort by calling the {@link OutputPort#pushFrame(Frame)}
53 public class Frame { class
166 Frame(FrameType type, int[] dimensions, FrameManager manager) { method in class:Frame
170 Frame(BackingStore backingStore) { method in class:Frame
H A DBootAnimation.h94 struct Frame { struct in struct:android::BootAnimation::Animation
102 bool operator < (const Frame& rhs) const {
117 SortedVector<Frame> frames;
H A DFrame.java29 public abstract class Frame { class
45 Frame(FrameFormat format, FrameManager frameManager) { method in class:Frame
50 Frame(FrameFormat format, FrameManager frameManager, int bindingType, long bindingId) { method in class:Frame
129 public void setDataFromFrame(Frame frame) {
141 public Frame release() {
149 public Frame retain() {
H A Dvr_hwc.h78 struct Frame { struct in class:android::dvr::ComposerView
101 virtual base::unique_fd OnNewFrame(const Frame& frame) = 0;

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