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H A DSharedRingBuffer.cpp45 aaudio_result_t SharedRingBuffer::allocate(fifo_frames_t bytesPerFrame, function in class:SharedRingBuffer
53 ALOGV("SharedRingBuffer::allocate() LEAK? mFileDescriptor = %d\n", mFileDescriptor);
55 ALOGE("SharedRingBuffer::allocate() ashmem_create_region() failed %d", errno);
61 ALOGE("SharedRingBuffer::allocate() ashmem_set_prot_region() failed %d", errno);
72 ALOGE("SharedRingBuffer::allocate() mmap() failed %d", errno);
H A DAAudioMixer.cpp32 void AAudioMixer::allocate(int32_t samplesPerFrame, int32_t framesPerBurst) { function in class:AAudioMixer
H A DGralloc2.h91 Error allocate(BufferDescriptor descriptor, uint32_t count,
94 Error allocate(BufferDescriptor descriptor, function in class:android::Gralloc2::Allocator
97 return allocate(descriptor, 1, outStride, outBufferHandle);
100 Error allocate(const IMapper::BufferDescriptorInfo& descriptorInfo, uint32_t count, function in class:android::Gralloc2::Allocator
106 error = allocate(descriptor, count, outStride, outBufferHandles);
111 Error allocate(const IMapper::BufferDescriptorInfo& descriptorInfo, function in class:android::Gralloc2::Allocator
114 return allocate(descriptorInfo, 1, outStride, outBufferHandle);
H A DEffectBufferHalLocal.cpp27 status_t EffectBufferHalInterface::allocate( function in class:android::EffectBufferHalInterface
H A DEffectBufferHalHidl.cpp41 status_t EffectBufferHalInterface::allocate( function in class:android::EffectBufferHalInterface
75 Return<void> result = ashmem->allocate(
95 ALOGE("Failed to allocate %d bytes from ashmem", (int)mBufferSize);
H A DRenderBuffer.h70 * storage. See allocate() and resize().
80 void allocate() { function in struct:android::uirenderer::RenderBuffer
H A DFontRenderer.cpp391 bool allocate) {
394 if (allocate) {
423 // We don't want to allocate anything unless we actually draw text
390 createCacheTexture(int width, int height, GLenum format, bool allocate) argument
H A DFatVector.h62 T* allocate(size_t num, const void* = 0) { function in class:android::uirenderer::InlineStdAllocator
H A DLinearAllocator.h176 T* allocate(size_t num, const void* = 0) { function in class:android::uirenderer::LinearStdAllocator
H A DNativeBuffer.java40 allocate(count * getElementSize());
50 throw new RuntimeException("Unable to allocate a copy of " + getClass() + "! Make " +
126 private native boolean allocate(int size); method in class:NativeBuffer
H A DNativeProgram.java38 allocate();
155 private native boolean allocate(); method in class:NativeProgram
H A DShaderProgram.java56 allocate(mGLEnvironment, null, fragmentShader);
65 allocate(mGLEnvironment, vertexShader, fragmentShader);
251 private native boolean allocate(GLEnvironment glEnv, method in class:ShaderProgram
H A DMtpPacket.cpp50 allocate(MTP_CONTAINER_HEADER_SIZE);
55 void MtpPacket::allocate(size_t length) { function in class:android::MtpPacket
89 allocate(length);
H A DTextureSource.java63 public void allocate(int width, int height) { method in class:TextureSource
H A DBackingStore.java267 backing.allocate(mType);
339 public abstract void allocate(FrameType frameType); method in class:BackingStore.Backing
406 throw new RuntimeException("Cannot allocate texture with non-RGBA data type!");
408 throw new RuntimeException("Cannot allocate non 2-dimensional texture!");
419 public void allocate(FrameType frameType) { method in class:BackingStore.ObjectBacking
492 public void allocate(FrameType frameType) { method in class:BackingStore.BitmapBacking
586 public void allocate(FrameType frameType) { method in class:BackingStore.TextureBacking
678 mTexture.allocate(mDimensions[0], mDimensions[1]);
699 public void allocate(FrameType frameType) { method in class:BackingStore.ByteBufferBacking
806 public void allocate(FrameTyp method in class:BackingStore.AllocationBacking
H A DGralloc2.cpp217 Error Allocator::allocate(BufferDescriptor descriptor, uint32_t count, function in class:android::Gralloc2::Allocator
221 auto ret = mAllocator->allocate(descriptor, count,
H A DGraphicBufferAllocator.cpp95 status_t GraphicBufferAllocator::allocate(uint32_t width, uint32_t height, function in class:android::GraphicBufferAllocator
102 // make sure to not allocate a N x 0 or 0 x N buffer, since this is
103 // allowed from an API stand-point allocate a 1x1 buffer instead.
118 Gralloc2::Error error = mAllocator->allocate(info, stride, handle);
136 ALOGE("Failed to allocate (%u x %u) layerCount %u format %d "
H A DCallerInfoAsyncQuery.java363 c.allocate(context, contactRef);
429 c.allocate(context, contactRef);
478 private void allocate(Context context, Uri contactRef) { method in class:CallerInfoAsyncQuery
H A DTlvBufferUtils.java54 * {@link TlvConstructor#allocate(int)}).
109 public TlvConstructor allocate(int capacity) { method in class:TlvBufferUtils.TlvConstructor
132 allocate(size);
H A DAllocators.h134 /// allocate - allocate N data in order.
135 // - Disallow to allocate a chunk whose size is bigger than a chunk.
139 pointer allocate(size_type N) { function in class:mcld::LinearAllocatorBase
155 /// allocate - clone function of allocating one datum.
156 pointer allocate() { function in class:mcld::LinearAllocatorBase
261 * deallocation. Interleaving 'allocate' and 'deallocate' increases the size
331 pointer allocate(size_type pNumOfElements, const void* = 0) { function in class:mcld::MallocAllocator
379 DataType* allocate(size_type pNumOfElements, const void* = 0) { function in class:mcld::MallocAllocator
384 pointer allocate(size_typ function in class:mcld::MallocAllocator
H A DGCFactory.h124 value_type* allocate(size_t N) { function in class:mcld::GCFactoryBase
125 value_type* result = Alloc::allocate(N);
131 value_type* allocate() { function in class:mcld::GCFactoryBase
133 return Alloc::allocate();
H A DHwParcel.java33 private HwParcel(boolean allocate) { argument
34 native_setup(allocate);
42 native_setup(true /* allocate */);
230 private native final void native_setup(boolean allocate); argument
H A DMemoryDealer.cpp132 size_t allocate(size_t size, uint32_t flags = 0);
241 sp<IMemory> MemoryDealer::allocate(size_t size) function in class:android::MemoryDealer
244 const ssize_t offset = allocator()->allocate(size);
301 size_t SimpleBestFitAllocator::allocate(size_t size, uint32_t flags) function in class:android::SimpleBestFitAllocator
H A Dloopback.cpp50 void allocate(int maxFrames) { function in class:AudioRecorder
385 loopbackData.audioRecorder.allocate(NUM_SECONDS * SAMPLE_RATE);
H A Dandroid_os_HwParcel.cpp214 return env->NewObject(clazz.get(), constructID, false /* allocate */);
257 JNIEnv *env, jobject thiz, jboolean allocate) {
260 if (allocate) {
256 JHwParcel_native_setup( JNIEnv *env, jobject thiz, jboolean allocate) argument

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