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H A DBroadcastDispatcher.java16 package android.hardware.camera2.dispatch;
26 * Broadcast a single dispatch into multiple other dispatchables.
28 * <p>Every time {@link #dispatch} is invoked, all the broadcast targets will
29 * see the same dispatch as well. The first target's return value is returned.</p>
38 * Create a broadcast dispatcher from the supplied dispatch targets.
40 * @param dispatchTargets one or more targets to dispatch to
49 public Object dispatch(Method method, Object[] args) throws Throwable { method in class:BroadcastDispatcher
54 Object localResult = dispatchTarget.dispatch(method, args);
H A DDispatchable.java16 package android.hardware.camera2.dispatch;
21 * Dynamically dispatch a method and its argument to some object.
34 public Object dispatch(Method method, Object[] args) throws Throwable; method in interface:Dispatchable
H A DNullDispatcher.java16 package android.hardware.camera2.dispatch;
35 public Object dispatch(Method method, Object[] args) { method in class:NullDispatcher
H A DArgumentReplacingDispatcher.java16 package android.hardware.camera2.dispatch;
32 * source dispatch type, whose methods with {@link #dispatch} will be called
34 * argument replacement type, args in {@link #dispatch} matching {@code argumentIndex}
54 * @param target destination dispatch type, methods will be redirected to this dispatcher
67 public Object dispatch(Method method, Object[] args) throws Throwable { method in class:ArgumentReplacingDispatcher
74 return mTarget.dispatch(method, args);
H A DDuckTypingDispatcher.java16 package android.hardware.camera2.dispatch;
24 * Duck typing dispatcher; converts dispatch methods calls from one class to another by
31 * @param <TFrom> source dispatch type, whose methods with {@link #dispatch} will be called
32 * @param <T> destination dispatch type, methods will be converted to the class of {@code T}
41 * @param target destination dispatch type, methods will be redirected to this dispatcher
42 * @param targetClass destination dispatch class, methods will be converted to this class's
52 public Object dispatch(Method method, Object[] args) { method in class:DuckTypingDispatcher
H A DHandlerDispatcher.java16 package android.hardware.camera2.dispatch;
46 * Create a dispatcher that forwards it's dispatch calls by posting
52 * @return a dispatcher that will forward it's dispatch calls to a handler
60 public Object dispatch(final Method method, final Object[] args) throws Throwable { method in class:HandlerDispatcher
65 mDispatchTarget.dispatch(method, args);
H A DInvokeDispatcher.java16 package android.hardware.camera2.dispatch;
37 public Object dispatch(Method method, Object[] args) { method in class:InvokeDispatcher
H A DMethodNameInvoker.java16 package android.hardware.camera2.dispatch;
28 * @param <T> destination dispatch type, methods will be looked up in the class of {@code T}
41 * @param target destination dispatch type, invokes will be redirected to this dispatcher
42 * @param targetClass destination dispatch class, the invoked methods will be from this class
90 return (K) mTarget.dispatch(targetMethod, params);
H A DAAudioThread.cpp38 void AAudioThread::dispatch() { function in class:AAudioThread
50 aaudioThread->dispatch();
H A DKeyEventCompat.java104 * {@link KeyEvent#dispatch(KeyEvent.Callback, KeyEvent.DispatcherState, Object)} directly.
108 public static boolean dispatch(KeyEvent event, KeyEvent.Callback receiver, Object state, method in class:KeyEventCompat
110 return event.dispatch(receiver, (KeyEvent.DispatcherState) state, target);
H A DTestAlarmManager.java36 * Creates an AlarmManager whose alarm dispatch can be controlled
67 public boolean dispatch(String tag) { method in class:TestAlarmManager
72 alarm.dispatch();
119 public void dispatch() { method in class:TestAlarmManager.PendingAlarm
H A Ddriver.h43 InstanceDispatchTable dispatch; member in struct:vulkan::api::InstanceData
55 DeviceDispatchTable dispatch; member in struct:vulkan::api::DeviceData
150 hwvulkan_dispatch_t* dispatch = local
153 if (dispatch->magic != HWVULKAN_DISPATCH_MAGIC && dispatch->vtbl != data) {
154 ALOGE("invalid dispatchable object magic 0x%" PRIxPTR, dispatch->magic);
158 dispatch->vtbl = data;
167 const hwvulkan_dispatch_t* dispatch = local
170 return const_cast<void*>(dispatch->vtbl);
H A Dswapchain.cpp885 const auto& dispatch = GetData(device).driver; local
997 if (dispatch.GetSwapchainGrallocUsage2ANDROID) {
999 result = dispatch.GetSwapchainGrallocUsage2ANDROID(
1008 } else if (dispatch.GetSwapchainGrallocUsageANDROID) {
1009 result = dispatch.GetSwapchainGrallocUsageANDROID(
1100 dispatch.CreateImage(device, &image_create, nullptr, &img.image);
1124 dispatch.DestroyImage(device, img.image, nullptr);
1144 const auto& dispatch = GetData(device).driver; local
1300 const auto& dispatch = GetData(queue).driver; local
1353 result = dispatch
H A DRenderScript.cpp34 dispatchTable* RS::dispatch = nullptr; member in class:RS
55 RS::dispatch->ContextDeinitToClient(mContext);
60 RS::dispatch->ContextDestroy(mContext);
79 if (loadSymbols(handle, *RS::dispatch, targetApi) == false) {
105 RS::dispatch = new dispatchTable; member in class:RS
141 ALOGE("Couldn't initialize dispatch table");
155 RsDevice device = RS::dispatch->DeviceCreate();
167 mContext = RS::dispatch->ContextCreate(device, 0, targetApi, RS_CONTEXT_TYPE_NORMAL, flags);
209 RS::dispatch->ContextInitToClient(rs->mContext);
216 RsMessageToClientType r = RS::dispatch
H A DrsCppStructs.h423 static dispatchTable* dispatch; member in class:android::RSC::RS
H A DNfcAdapter.java79 * <p>The MIME type or data URI of this intent are normalized before dispatch -
1262 * Enable foreground dispatch to the given Activity.
1267 * <p>If any IntentFilters are provided to this method they are used to match dispatch Intents
1270 * relies on meta data outside of the IntentFilter matching for that dispatch Intent is handled
1273 * match then the dispatch is routed through the given PendingIntent. In other words, the second
1282 * the completion of their {@link Activity#onPause} callback to disable foreground dispatch
1287 * @param activity the Activity to dispatch to
1288 * @param intent the PendingIntent to start for the dispatch
1289 * @param filters the IntentFilters to override dispatching for, or null to always dispatch
1306 throw new IllegalStateException("Foreground dispatch ca
1707 public void dispatch(Tag tag) { method in class:NfcAdapter
H A DOMXNodeInstance.cpp258 void dispatch(std::list<omx_message> &messages);
298 void OMXNodeInstance::CallbackDispatcher::dispatch(std::list<omx_message> &messages) { function in class:android::OMXNodeInstance::CallbackDispatcher
323 dispatch(messages);
1965 // Don't dispatch a message back to ACodec, since it doesn't
H A Dnull_driver.cpp34 hwvulkan_dispatch_t dispatch; member in struct:VkPhysicalDevice_T
38 hwvulkan_dispatch_t dispatch; member in struct:VkInstance_T
45 hwvulkan_dispatch_t dispatch; member in struct:VkQueue_T
49 hwvulkan_dispatch_t dispatch; member in struct:VkCommandBuffer_T
98 hwvulkan_dispatch_t dispatch; member in struct:VkDevice_T
298 instance->dispatch.magic = HWVULKAN_DISPATCH_MAGIC;
300 instance->physical_device.dispatch.magic = HWVULKAN_DISPATCH_MAGIC;
661 device->dispatch.magic = HWVULKAN_DISPATCH_MAGIC;
664 device->queue.dispatch.magic = HWVULKAN_DISPATCH_MAGIC;
740 cmdbufs[i]->dispatch
H A DrsApiStubs.cpp32 // both the client interface and the dispatch table interface, but at the
41 const dispatchTable* dispatch; member in struct:RsContextWrapper
48 return wrapper->dispatch->func(context, ##__VA_ARGS__); \
H A DKeyEvent.java1132 * "done". This allows TextView to dispatch these as normal enter keys
2663 * @deprecated Use {@link #dispatch(Callback, DispatcherState, Object)} instead.
2666 public final boolean dispatch(Callback receiver) { method in class:KeyEvent
2667 return dispatch(receiver, null, null);
2677 * @param target The target of the dispatch, for use in tracking.
2681 public final boolean dispatch(Callback receiver, DispatcherState state, method in class:KeyEvent
2737 * Use with {@link KeyEvent#dispatch(Callback, DispatcherState, Object)}
H A Ddatabinding-studio-bundle.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF android/ android/databinding/ android/databinding/Bindable.class Bindable. ...

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