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H A DMediaCodec.cpp1193 status_t MediaCodec::getInputBuffers(Vector<sp<MediaCodecBuffer> > *buffers) const { function in class:MediaCodec
H A DMediaCodec.java499 processing dynamic content. This optimization is disabled if you call {@link #getInputBuffers
543 {@link #start}, retrieve the buffer arrays using {@link #getInputBuffers getInput}/{@link
552 ByteBuffer[] inputBuffers = codec.getInputBuffers();
650 dequeueInputBuffer} will throw an {@code IllegalStateException}, and {@link #getInputBuffers}
1047 <td class=fn>{@link #getInputBuffers getInputBuffers}</td>
2985 public ByteBuffer[] getInputBuffers() { method in class:MediaCodec
3260 * {@link #getInputBuffers}, {@link #getOutputBuffers},

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