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H A DConfigurationCompat.java36 public static LocaleListCompat getLocales(Configuration configuration) { method in class:ConfigurationCompat
38 return LocaleListCompat.wrap(configuration.getLocales());
H A DLocaleSpan.java101 * @see #getLocales()
112 public LocaleList getLocales() { method in class:LocaleSpan
H A DKeyboardLayout.java106 public LocaleList getLocales() { method in class:KeyboardLayout
H A DLocalePicker.java89 return Resources.getSystem().getAssets().getLocales();
291 public static LocaleList getLocales() { method in class:LocalePicker
294 .getConfiguration().getLocales();
H A DAssetManager.java760 public native final String[] getLocales(); method in class:AssetManager
763 * Same as getLocales(), except that locales that are only provided by the system (i.e. those
767 * assets support Cherokee and French, getLocales() would return
H A DConfiguration.java94 * @deprecated Do not set or read this directly. Use {@link #getLocales()} and
96 * <code>getLocales().get(0)</code> is now the preferred accessor.
1701 public @NonNull LocaleList getLocales() { method in class:Configuration
H A Dandroid_util_AssetManager.cpp580 static jobjectArray getLocales(JNIEnv* env, jobject clazz, bool includeSystemLocales) function in namespace:android
589 am->getLocales(&locales, includeSystemLocales);
612 return getLocales(env, clazz, true /* include system locales */);
617 return getLocales(env, clazz, false /* don't include system locales */);
1682 { "getLocales", "()[Ljava/lang/String;",
H A DAssetManager.cpp721 void AssetManager::getLocales(Vector<String8>* locales, bool includeSystemLocales) const function in class:AssetManager
725 res->getLocales(locales, includeSystemLocales, true /* mergeEquivalentLangs */);
H A DResourceTypes.cpp5997 void ResTable::getLocales(Vector<String8>* locales, bool includeSystemLocales, function in class:android::ResTable

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