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H A DAAudioMixer.cpp84 float *AAudioMixer::getOutputBuffer() { function in class:AAudioMixer
H A DMediaCodec.cpp1211 status_t MediaCodec::getOutputBuffer(size_t index, sp<MediaCodecBuffer> *buffer) { function in class:MediaCodec
H A DMediaCodec.java93 ByteBuffer outputBuffer = codec.getOutputBuffer(bufferId);
466 ByteBuffer outputBuffer = codec.getOutputBuffer(outputBufferId);
496 buffers using {@link #getInputBuffer getInput}/{@link #getOutputBuffer OutputBuffer(int)} and/or
524 ByteBuffer outputBuffer = codec.getOutputBuffer(outputBufferId);
597 values. E.g. {@link #getOutputBuffer getOutputBuffer}/{@link #getOutputImage Image(int)} will
1119 <td class=fn>{@link #getOutputBuffer getOutputBuffer}</td>
2647 * be used until it is later retrieved by {@link #getOutputBuffer} in response
2708 * be used until it is later retrieved by {@link #getOutputBuffer} i
3101 public ByteBuffer getOutputBuffer(int index) { method in class:MediaCodec

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