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H A DGlLayer.h63 inline Texture& getTexture() { function in class:android::uirenderer::GlLayer
H A DImage.h38 * cannot be created, getTexture() will return 0 and getImage() will
48 GLuint getTexture() const { function in class:android::uirenderer::Image
H A DBakedOpRenderer.cpp184 Texture* BakedOpRenderer::getTexture(Bitmap* bitmap) { function in class:android::uirenderer::BakedOpRenderer
H A DCacheTexture.h118 Texture& getTexture() { function in class:android::uirenderer::CacheTexture
H A DBackingStore.java636 return getTexture();
676 private TextureSource getTexture() { method in class:BackingStore.TextureBacking
687 mRenderTarget = RenderTarget.currentTarget().forTexture(getTexture(), w, h);

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