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H A DStackOverflowXmlParser.java69 // It includes the data members "title," "link," and "summary."
72 public final String link; field in class:StackOverflowXmlParser.Entry
75 private Entry(String title, String summary, String link) { argument
78 = link;
82 // Parses the contents of an entry. If it encounters a title, summary, or link tag, hands them
89 String link = null;
99 } else if (name.equals("link")) {
100 link = readLink(parser);
105 return new Entry(title, summary, link);
H A DPseudoGridView.java140 * Usage: {@code, adapter)}
150 public static void link(ViewGroup viewGroup, BaseAdapter adapter) { method in class:PseudoGridView.ViewGroupAdapterBridge
H A DLinker.cpp66 bool Linker::link(Module& pModule, IRBuilder& pBuilder) { function in class:mcld::Linker
H A DHardwareConfig.java167 public void assignSim(String id, int state, String link) { argument
170 modemUuid = link;
H A DrsdShaderCache.cpp95 if (!link(rsc)) {
111 bool RsdShaderCache::link(const Context *rsc) { function in class:RsdShaderCache
130 rsdGLCheckError(rsc, "RsdShaderCache::link (hit)");
231 rsdGLCheckError(rsc, "RsdShaderCache::link (miss)");
H A DLinkProperties.java38 * Describes the properties of a network link.
40 * A link represents a connection to a network.
50 // The interface described by the network link.
65 // Stores the properties of links that are "stacked" above this link.
167 * Sets the interface name for this link. All {@link RouteInfo} already set for this
170 * @param iface The name of the network interface used for this link.
183 * Gets the interface name for this link. May be {@code null} if not set.
185 * @return The interface name set for this link or {@code null}.
204 * Returns all the addresses on this link
551 addStackedLink(LinkProperties link) argument
H A DResolveInfo.h174 ResolveInfo* link() { return m_Ptr.info_ptr; } function in class:mcld::ResolveInfo
176 const ResolveInfo* link() const { return m_Ptr.info_ptr; } function in class:mcld::ResolveInfo
H A DStorageManagerService.java517 /** Map from raw paths to {@link ObbState}. */
556 public void link() throws RemoteException { method in class:StorageManagerService.ObbState
3401 * The binder died before we could link it, so clean up our state
H A Ddoclava.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF org/ org/ccil/ org/ccil/cowan/ org/ccil/cowan/tagsoup/ ...

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