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H A DLinkerScript.cpp50 void LinkerScript::setOutputFile(const std::string& pOutputFile) { function in class:mcld::LinkerScript
H A Dmediarecorder.cpp270 status_t MediaRecorder::setOutputFile(int fd) function in class:android::MediaRecorder
272 ALOGV("setOutputFile(%d)", fd);
282 ALOGE("setOutputFile called in an invalid state(%d)", mCurrentState);
302 status_t ret = mMediaRecorder->setOutputFile(fd);
304 ALOGE("setOutputFile failed: %d", ret);
H A DIMediaRecorder.cpp178 status_t setOutputFile(int fd) { function in class:android::BpMediaRecorder
179 ALOGV("setOutputFile(%d)", fd);
459 reply->writeInt32(setOutputFile(fd));
H A DMediaRecorderClient.cpp164 status_t MediaRecorderClient::setOutputFile(int fd) function in class:android::MediaRecorderClient
166 ALOGV("setOutputFile(%d)", fd);
172 return mRecorder->setOutputFile(fd);
H A DStagefrightRecorder.cpp355 status_t StagefrightRecorder::setOutputFile(int fd) { function in class:android::StagefrightRecorder
356 ALOGV("setOutputFile: %d", fd);
H A DMediaRecorder.java50 * recorder.setOutputFile(PATH_NAME);
478 * be called after the video AND audio sources are set, and before setOutputFile().
806 public void setOutputFile(FileDescriptor fd) throws IllegalStateException method in class:MediaRecorder
821 public void setOutputFile(File file) method in class:MediaRecorder
830 * on the prior output {@link #setOutputFile} or {@link #setNextOutputFile}). File descriptor
860 public void setOutputFile(String path) throws IllegalStateException method in class:MediaRecorder
869 * output {@link #setOutputFile} or {@link #setNextOutputFile}). File should be seekable.
935 * setOutputFile(). Call this after prepare().

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