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H A DSQLiteQueryBuilder.java65 * Returns the list of tables being queried
67 * @return the list of tables being queried
74 * Sets the list of tables to query. Multiple tables can be specified to perform a join.
79 * @param inTables the list of tables to query on
179 * @param tables The table names to compile the query against.
202 boolean distinct, String tables, String[] columns, String where,
224 query.append(tables);
486 * appear in one of the other tables in the UNION query that we
491 * appear only in other tables, w
201 buildQueryString( boolean distinct, String tables, String[] columns, String where, String groupBy, String having, String orderBy, String limit) argument
H A DSQLiteDatabase.java959 * @param tables a list of tables
962 public static String findEditTable(String tables) { argument
963 if (!TextUtils.isEmpty(tables)) {
965 int spacepos = tables.indexOf(' ');
966 int commapos = tables.indexOf(',');
969 return tables.substring(0, spacepos);
971 return tables.substring(0, commapos);
973 return tables;
975 throw new IllegalStateException("Invalid tables");
H A DGsmAlphabet.java772 * and extension table (0 for GSM default tables).
779 * @return the septet count for s using the specified language tables, or -1 if any
823 * or null if there are no suitable language tables to encode the string.
827 // Load enabled language tables from config.xml, including any MCC overlays
831 // fast path for common case where no national language shift tables are enabled
860 // Avoid adding default table twice in case 0 is in the list of allowed tables
874 // iterate through enabled locking shift tables
878 // iterate through single shift tables for this locking table
1009 * Modify the array of enabled national language single shift tables for SMS
1013 * @param tables th
1015 setEnabledSingleShiftTables(int[] tables) argument
1033 setEnabledLockingShiftTables(int[] tables) argument
H A DAssetManager.cpp293 ResTable tables[2]; local
305 if (tables[i].add(assets[i]) != NO_ERROR) {
310 ret = tables[0].createIdmap(tables[1], targetCrc, overlayCrc,

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