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H A DUiThreadTest.java15 package android.testing;
H A DViewUtils.java15 package android.testing;
H A DTestableImageView.java15 package android.testing;
H A DLeakCheck.java15 package android.testing;
H A DTestableSettingsProvider.java15 package android.testing;
H A DAndroidTestingRunner.java15 package android.testing;
21 import android.testing.TestableLooper.LooperFrameworkMethod;
22 import android.testing.TestableLooper.RunWithLooper;
H A DLayoutInflaterBuilder.java15 package android.testing;
H A DTestableContentResolver.java15 package android.testing;
H A DBaseFragmentTest.java15 package android.testing;
45 * the host for subclasses, so they can push it into desired states and do any unit testing
H A DTestableContext.java15 package android.testing;
H A DTestableLooper.java15 package android.testing;
H A DImePreferences.java17 package;
H A DDummyIme.java17 package;
H A DWakeUpCall.java17 package;
29 public static final String WAKEUP_CALL = "";
H A DAlarmImpl.java17 package;
27 import;
H A DAlarmService.java17 package;
H A DWakeUpController.java17 package;
50 mWakeLock = pm.newWakeLock(PowerManager.PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK, "testing-alarmservice");
H A DFakeMetricsLogger.java1 package;
H A DTestableLooperTest.java15 package android.testing;
34 import android.testing.TestableLooper.MessageHandler;
35 import android.testing.TestableLooper.RunWithLooper;
H A DTestableSettingsProviderTest.java15 package android.testing;
H A DSetAlarm.java17 package;
31 import;
40 private static final String SERVICE_ACTION = "";
41 private static final String SERVICE_PKG = "";
H A DCommon.h140 *out << ::testing::PrintToString(value.value());
149 std::string(negation ? "isn't" : "is") + " equal to " + ::testing::PrintToString(a)) {
148 MATCHER_P(ValueEq, a, std::string(negation ? � : �) + � + ::testing::PrintToString(a)) argument
H A DContentProvider.java1879 * when directly instantiating the provider for testing.
1897 private void attachInfo(Context context, ProviderInfo info, boolean testing) { argument
1898 mNoPerms = testing;

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