1# See system/core/logcat/event.logtags for a description of the format of this file.
3option java_package com.android.server.am
52719 configuration_changed (config mask|1|5)
62721 cpu (total|1|6),(user|1|6),(system|1|6),(iowait|1|6),(irq|1|6),(softirq|1|6)
8# ActivityManagerService.systemReady() starts:
93040 boot_progress_ams_ready (time|2|3)
10# ActivityManagerService calls enableScreenAfterBoot():
113050 boot_progress_enable_screen (time|2|3)
13# Do not change these names without updating the checkin_events setting in
14# google3/googledata/wireless/android/provisioning/gservices.config !!
16# An activity is being finished:
1730001 am_finish_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Reason|3)
18# A task is being brought to the front of the screen:
1930002 am_task_to_front (User|1|5),(Task|1|5)
20# An existing activity is being given a new intent:
2130003 am_new_intent (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Action|3),(MIME Type|3),(URI|3),(Flags|1|5)
22# A new task is being created:
2330004 am_create_task (User|1|5),(Task ID|1|5)
24# A new activity is being created in an existing task:
2530005 am_create_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Action|3),(MIME Type|3),(URI|3),(Flags|1|5)
26# An activity has been resumed into the foreground but was not already running:
2730006 am_restart_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3)
28# An activity has been resumed and is now in the foreground:
2930007 am_resume_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3)
30# Application Not Responding
3130008 am_anr (User|1|5),(pid|1|5),(Package Name|3),(Flags|1|5),(reason|3)
32# Activity launch time
3330009 am_activity_launch_time (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Component Name|3),(time|2|3)
34# Application process bound to work
3530010 am_proc_bound (User|1|5),(PID|1|5),(Process Name|3)
36# Application process died
3730011 am_proc_died (User|1|5),(PID|1|5),(Process Name|3),(OomAdj|1|5),(ProcState|1|5)
38# The Activity Manager failed to pause the given activity.
3930012 am_failed_to_pause (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Wanting to pause|3),(Currently pausing|3)
40# Attempting to pause the current activity
4130013 am_pause_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Component Name|3)
42# Application process has been started
4330014 am_proc_start (User|1|5),(PID|1|5),(UID|1|5),(Process Name|3),(Type|3),(Component|3)
44# An application process has been marked as bad
4530015 am_proc_bad (User|1|5),(UID|1|5),(Process Name|3)
46# An application process that was bad is now marked as good
4730016 am_proc_good (User|1|5),(UID|1|5),(Process Name|3)
48# Reporting to applications that memory is low
4930017 am_low_memory (Num Processes|1|1)
50# An activity is being destroyed:
5130018 am_destroy_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Reason|3)
52# An activity has been relaunched, resumed, and is now in the foreground:
5330019 am_relaunch_resume_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3)
54# An activity has been relaunched:
5530020 am_relaunch_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Task ID|1|5),(Component Name|3)
56# The activity's onPause has been called.
5730021 am_on_paused_called (User|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Reason|3)
58# The activity's onResume has been called.
5930022 am_on_resume_called (User|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Reason|3)
60# Kill a process to reclaim memory.
6130023 am_kill (User|1|5),(PID|1|5),(Process Name|3),(OomAdj|1|5),(Reason|3)
62# Discard an undelivered serialized broadcast (timeout/ANR/crash)
6330024 am_broadcast_discard_filter (User|1|5),(Broadcast|1|5),(Action|3),(Receiver Number|1|1),(BroadcastFilter|1|5)
6430025 am_broadcast_discard_app (User|1|5),(Broadcast|1|5),(Action|3),(Receiver Number|1|1),(App|3)
65# A service is being created
6630030 am_create_service (User|1|5),(Service Record|1|5),(Name|3),(UID|1|5),(PID|1|5)
67# A service is being destroyed
6830031 am_destroy_service (User|1|5),(Service Record|1|5),(PID|1|5)
69# A process has crashed too many times, it is being cleared
7030032 am_process_crashed_too_much (User|1|5),(Name|3),(PID|1|5)
71# An unknown process is trying to attach to the activity manager
7230033 am_drop_process (PID|1|5)
73# A service has crashed too many times, it is being stopped
7430034 am_service_crashed_too_much (User|1|5),(Crash Count|1|1),(Component Name|3),(PID|1|5)
75# A service is going to be restarted after its process went away
7630035 am_schedule_service_restart (User|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Time|2|3)
77# A client was waiting for a content provider, but its process was lost
7830036 am_provider_lost_process (User|1|5),(Package Name|3),(UID|1|5),(Name|3)
79# The activity manager gave up on a new process taking too long to start
8030037 am_process_start_timeout (User|1|5),(PID|1|5),(UID|1|5),(Process Name|3)
82# Unhandled exception
8330039 am_crash (User|1|5),(PID|1|5),(Process Name|3),(Flags|1|5),(Exception|3),(Message|3),(File|3),(Line|1|5)
84# Log.wtf() called
8530040 am_wtf (User|1|5),(PID|1|5),(Process Name|3),(Flags|1|5),(Tag|3),(Message|3)
87# User switched
8830041 am_switch_user (id|1|5)
90# Activity fully drawn time
9130042 am_activity_fully_drawn_time (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Component Name|3),(time|2|3)
93# Activity set to resumed
9430043 am_set_resumed_activity (User|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Reason|3)
96# Stack focus
9730044 am_focused_stack (User|1|5),(Focused Stack Id|1|5),(Last Focused Stack Id|1|5),(Reason|3)
99# Running pre boot receiver
10030045 am_pre_boot (User|1|5),(Package|3)
102# Report collection of global memory state
10330046 am_meminfo (Cached|2|2),(Free|2|2),(Zram|2|2),(Kernel|2|2),(Native|2|2)
104# Report collection of memory used by a process
10530047 am_pss (Pid|1|5),(UID|1|5),(Process Name|3),(Pss|2|2),(Uss|2|2),(SwapPss|2|2)
107# Attempting to stop an activity
10830048 am_stop_activity (User|1|5),(Token|1|5),(Component Name|3)
109# The activity's onStop has been called.
11030049 am_on_stop_called (User|1|5),(Component Name|3),(Reason|3)
112# Report changing memory conditions (Values are ProcessStats.ADJ_MEM_FACTOR* constants)
11330050 am_mem_factor (Current|1|5),(Previous|1|5)
115# UserState has changed
11630051 am_user_state_changed (id|1|5),(state|1|5)
118# Note when any processes of a uid have started running
11930052 am_uid_running (UID|1|5)
120# Note when all processes of a uid have stopped.
12130053 am_uid_stopped (UID|1|5)
122# Note when the state of a uid has become active.
12330054 am_uid_active (UID|1|5)
124# Note when the state of a uid has become idle (background check enforced).
12530055 am_uid_idle (UID|1|5)
126# Note when a service is being forcibly stopped because its app went idle.
12730056 am_stop_idle_service (UID|1|5),(Component Name|3)