History log of /bionic/tools/versioner/dependencies/common/kernel_uapi/drm/qxl_drm.h
Revision Date Author Comments
1308ad3ab33294c3abfd96da12b6df58b381ce52 15-Nov-2017 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Update to kernel headers v4.14.

Remove the hiding of the kernel structure binder_fd_array_object. This
structure now matches the structure used in the binder code.

Load the libclang_android.so shared library directly for parsing.
This file changed name in a recent update to the prebuilts.

Test: Compiles arm/arm64/x86/x86_64.
Test: Boots on hikey and boots on a sailfish.
Test: Ran bionic unit tests on hikey and sailfish.
Change-Id: I141a4b93ac3511cd58f4d12bb3c0d4efaa4c2742
96c1db7b9d601c31d103389cac074a6cce0d7633 25-May-2017 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Remove the repetitive warnings from the uapi headers.



every four lines made the headers harder to read, made the diffs much worse
each time we upgraded, and wasn't really providing any benefit. Before the
next uapi update, let's just stop doing this.

Bug: N/A
Test: builds, manually inspected files look right
Change-Id: Id7088cf750894c9d24950f3d53587fe3156c4f7d
106b3a8a7dc03c19a45e322de425ac56aafac358 24-Aug-2016 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Update to kernel headers v4.7.2.

Modify the kernel header update script to rename C++ keyword
struct members to something else. This fixes problems when including
these kernel files in C++ code.

Also, make a manual change to linux/fib_rules.h and comment out the
value FRA_PAD since it conflicts with a special android kernel value
FRA_UID_START that has not been upstreamed yet.

Test: Built aosp_angler, aosp_x86_64, aosp_mips (bionic only)
Test: Booted on angler and ran bionic unit tests
Test: Built these changes in internal master

Change-Id: Ia22b7e3ca409404696dba76311f49157f4a9ceed
d7db594b8d1dab36b711bd887a9dd21675c87243 28-Jan-2015 Tao Bao <tbao@google.com> Switch kernel header parsing to python libclang

Replace the tokenizer in cpp.py with libclang.

Bug: 18937958
Change-Id: I27630904c6d2849418cd5ca3d3c612ec3078686d
655a7c081f83b8351ed5f11a6c6accd9458293a8 17-Oct-2013 Ben Cheng <bccheng@google.com> Add processed uapi kernel headers (common and aarch64-specific)

Change-Id: If0be7b83bd8fe7cb02472d173f7c452aabf61124