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H A Dpowercap_sys.c182 if (pconst && pconst->ops && pconst->ops->get_name) {
183 name = pconst->ops->get_name(power_zone, id);
320 if (pconst->ops->get_name)
H A Dintel_rapl.c587 .get_name = get_constraint_name,
H A Dashmem.c532 static int get_name(struct ashmem_area *asma, void __user *name) function
751 ret = get_name(asma, (void __user *) arg);
H A Dllite_nfs.c330 .get_name = ll_get_name,
H A Dsysfs.c373 static void get_name(struct mlx4_ib_dev *dev, char *name, int i, int max) function
733 get_name(dev, name, slave, sizeof name);
H A Dnet_driver.h629 * @get_name: Generate the channel's name (used for its IRQ handler)
640 void (*get_name)(struct efx_channel *, char *buf, size_t len); member in struct:efx_channel_type
H A Defx.c545 channel->type->get_name(channel,
867 .get_name = efx_get_channel_name,
H A Dptp.c1908 .get_name = efx_ptp_get_channel_name,
H A Dsiena_sriov.c1031 .get_name = efx_sriov_get_channel_name,

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