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5a7e828842c26f64bb6e0ef3e0019e1949b245ee 04-Feb-2011 Chet Haase <chet@google.com> Fix crash when Paths are GCd in hw accelerated apps

A recent change to optimize path rendering didn't account for
the destruction of native objects by the VM finalizer. We may be
done with the Java level version before we're done with the native
structure that's used by the display list. For example, a drawing
method on a View that creates a temporary path to render into the
canvas will implicitly create a native structure that is put onto
the GL display list. That temporary path may go away, but the native
version should stick around as long as the display list does.

The fix is to refcount the original native version of the path
and only delete it when the refcoutn reaches zero (which means that
it is no longer needed by any display list). This is a similar mechanism
used for bitmaps and shaders.

Change-Id: I4de1047415066d425d1c689aa60827f97729b470
fe48f65922d4a3cc4aefe058cee5acec51504a20 12-Nov-2010 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Free resources only from the GL context thread.
Bug #3179882

Resources were freed following garbage collections on a worker thread.
This worker thread had no EGL context, which would cause the renderer
to incorrectly assume that the memory was liberated.

Change-Id: Ifdb51f94ddf42641e8654522787bfac532976c7c
a2341a9f6addcd79723965ec5b1a1c5ae0f8bd65 09-Sep-2010 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Purge Skia objects from GL caches as needed.

Change-Id: I754c671cf790ad5ae8bf047ad328034217da4ecc
54900e8c05e92a0783e8468ad7c4513eb66adc80 25-Mar-2010 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> update dox that we ignore the exact parameter on computeBounds

Change-Id: I6051210ea2a73b4d1c6cd631a285209ab130b4e5
8ba88775fe9df1146de7683a6ef59e36e749b271 02-Apr-2009 Mike Reed <> AI 144018: change path to return its internal cached bounds, making it much lighter-weight to get the bounds.

Automated import of CL 144018
9066cfe9886ac131c34d59ed0e2d287b0e3c0087 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
d83a98f4ce9cfa908f5c54bbd70f03eec07e7553 04-Mar-2009 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
54b6cfa9a9e5b861a9930af873580d6dc20f773c 21-Oct-2008 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Initial Contribution