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bbd51f1e360b22eece1d74bd65c7e6a0b59dee59 19-Apr-2012 Philip Milne <pmilne@google.com> Share Insets instances between views that have the same background (Drawable)

Change-Id: I47d93ccca6f553b678d25966d10d7a0a97cfa5ea
1557fd7809078e421f751efc7d2539b3efdc54b2 05-Apr-2012 Philip Milne <pmilne@google.com> Fix for bug 6110465.

Add layout bound metadata to 9-patch files and make layouts take them into account.

This CL contains a proposed API for dealing with layout bounds.

This solution exposes:

1. Class: Insets - for storing layout Insets (and later possibly padding).
2. Methods: View:(get/set)LayoutInsets() - for storing layoutBounds.
3. Methods: ViewGroup:(get/set)LayoutMode() - for controlling layoutMode.

It also iuncudes the changes to GridLayout to support layout bounds.

Change-Id: I60c836b6530b61c5abf37f93ee9c44aad73573f1