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2622f30284c808a917618332d35e9202ebefaac5 16-Sep-2010 Steve Block <steveblock@google.com> Make DumpRenderTree2 appear in the 'Dev Tools' application

Bug: 2999543
Change-Id: I1791c7b1a82f23ff742a68f365d7092c36804efd
a7e2ca9a1c2ffc9d4e703d325270cd0ea1cde251 14-Sep-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Gets rid of flickering when executing tests.

Achieves it by setting Executor background to white.

Change-Id: Id07c743114c6cce9e9446439136a5efd72857dc4
1b034781f4c45608e4d57e46cd46dfab9fc64746 01-Sep-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Shows the details when all the tests finish and fixes the orientation issue.

The tests no longer restart when orientation changes.

Bug: 2904456
Change-Id: Ie1ee463dbd63fb1a2ad2e9c28bf5989002f22215
5fb9ff420d378c5c83e116efadefb669791098d5 09-Aug-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Added a basic version of python script and supporting code in DumpRenderTree.

Change-Id: Ic60ef9b89f74a3a36a4c31765f99c8de08dce911
c8fb818b947f15d4eb467c229ea43806dd75c01e 10-Aug-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Changed some parts of the code to prepare it for script support that will come in later commit.

Bug: 2903591

Change-Id: If8fcfad1557c8140c476212d8be9f99987cdaa18
ef7f9d2458d547df4b47808f19e549eee9af76ce 03-Aug-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Added wakelock to keep the screen from sleeping when executing tests.

Change-Id: Ib6a0ff2a7c906f500868269d6a617553733d33b1
5f0ccd76a88586ce85c17cb4db058934e693a4fc 23-Jul-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Moved practically all of the prerefactoring functionality to the new design.

Renamed LayoutTestsRunner activity to TestsListActivity. It will be responsible for restrating the Executer after the crash. Now it only starts
Renamed LayoutTestsRunnerThread to TestsListPreloaderThread. It only preloads tests now.
LayoutTest class is no longer needed, its functionality is in LayoutTestsExecuter.
Most of the functionality from LayoutTestsRunnerThread is now in ManagerService.

Change-Id: I08924d949ceb9f8816888bc8e795256d0542fa99
7ddc0b7a72aa66d699fecce3d855a6c70f844647 22-Jul-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> First stage of refactoring the code to handle crashes gracefully.

There is a new activity (LayoutTestsExecuter) added that is responsible for acutally running the tests and sending the actual results to the new
ManagerService class. This class will take over most of the functionality of the current LayoutTestsRunnerThread. At the moment
LayoutTestsRunnerThread is changed so that after computing the tests' list it sends the list to LayoutTestsExecuter. The rest of the code is
never called. It will be shifted to the service.

Current implementation of ManagerService only prints the log message on receiving the bundle with actual results from LayoutTestsExecuter.

Change-Id: I5adcbc20bb18ebf24324974bc66e4b31c4b81902
4ee7f4b19489f4dc9b87e90d1e5c7742cfa7ebe0 16-Jul-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> LayoutTest class with supporting classes (AbstractResult, TextResult).

These classes are responsible for actually running the tests, checking the results, generating visual diffs, etc.

Change-Id: I9b7f554409db1c97ac086c456db3aea3b993b5c6
3c8ccb384513dd9bae0f98ac516ea36fbaa3173b 12-Jul-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Added the LayoutTestsRunner class that is responsible for running the tests. Also, added some methods to FileFilter.

It preloads the tests from the given path, runs them and asks for dumps and diffs. It will also prepare summaries in the future. It delegates
most of the work of actually running the individual tests to LayoutTest class and AbstractResult (and its subclasses in the future).

Change-Id: I483bf26a380b539e4769e61b4a09fa270ab0e8e9
6fd7112e5cde88f805fcd2a62db5164edadb7dd6 07-Jul-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> A basic extension of ListActivity that allows navigating through tests and test folders.

It provides the user with the simple UI that makes it easy to chose which tests to run.

Change-Id: Ifd0c4665de73e5702b892e57f5e91f84db36b248